Another one that fell into the rabbit hole

Note: She left Hollywood “on advice from her psychiatrist.” Sound familiar? Clearly it was her choice, too, but still….

I found this flick to move way, way too slowly, and those annoying commercial breaks every minute….those need to be edited out….

I remember her well. I think I saw one of those movies. Little Darlings. I remember noticing how good she was. I am saddened that so many out there believe in “chemical imbalances” when it’s far more likely that this was caused by Hollywood itself.

2 thoughts on “Another one that fell into the rabbit hole”

  1. Weird how many Hollywood stars get psychiatrized. Usually shrinks only go after the weaker elements of society.

    But a lot of stars display flamboyant, colorful behaviors that bug others. Especially family members.

    And shrinks love celebrity poster children like Patty Duke and Carrie Fisher.

    1. Thing is, she doesn’t seem like a poster child. It seems to me like her directors were pushing the chemical imbalance thing, barely acknowledging that Hollywood life is LIKE bipolar disorder anyway! Let’s face it…they created it, so they aren’t going to admit it.

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