Thoughts on the California synagogue shooting and antisemitism as a whole

Jewish leaders were afraid that there would be copycat incidents. I believe their fears were realistic. These shootings reflect an overall feeling of hatred and anger in our society. These shooters are not people living in total isolation. There are others who have influenced their hatred, rage, and racism.

Where does this hatred come from? The group called Bend the Arc states that Trump is partially responsible. They say that he sends hateful remarks up on Twitter. Any leader is also a role model. They have a point here, but I do not totally align with this group because they also claim that “conservatives” are to blame. I think this is way too much of a generalization. There are many causes on the conservative agenda, or what is generally called conservative. While some of it is certainly based in ignorance and racism, this is also true of any political group out there.

Is psychiatry a liberal or conservative agenda? I think both, although a person might view psychiatry differently depending on which side you’re on. For instance, a so-called liberal might think “Health care for all,” and therefore, state that all crazies have the right to “treatment,” when in fact it’s not treatment at all, but suppression of power. A conservative might say, “We have the right to less government control,” but also say, “Except the crazies. They should be properly locked up.”

Anti-gun advocates also are a double-sided coin. While they might say, “Let’s keep the guns off the streets,” they might also say, “Let’s keep the guns  away from mentally ill people because they’re scary and dangerous,” thus pigeonholing diagnosees into a role that they rarely fit into. (We’ll be more scary if you treat us like criminals!)

Gun advocates say about the same thing. “We have the right to guns because we don’t have diagnoses. We are the gun-owning elite.” This is a scary concept indeed! What do they plan to do with these guns? I wonder what one of these folks would say if I asked that question. Some claim that guns “keep us safe.” This is so illogical that ironically, it borders on either psychosis or total fanaticism (about as fanatic as some of those crazy new diets out there…). So who are the crazy ones?

In terms of statistics, if we are to take a realistic view of the gun lobby’s claims, we find they do not hold water. However, I don’t think the gun/crazy policies that even the government touts is doing anyone any favors. “We have to keep guns away from mentally ill people” makes no sense. How about keeping guns from anyone who is ever angry, drunk, or, especially, jealous? How about keeping guns away from anyone who is racist…which doesn’t only mean hatred or non-inclusion of black people, but hatred toward Muslims and Mexicans, and also against anyone deemed to be nuts (who unfortunately had exposure to the MH system, otherwise, they wouldn’t be diagnosed). Does it make sense to keep guns out of Trump’s hands? Think on that one for a bit.

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