Amazing Jewish survival song…why do I think of psychiatric survivors when I hear this?

We will outlive them…

Which I think would be a cool song to sing outside the APA Conference as part of the protest. This year’s slogan is DO NO MORE HARM. Maybe next year, “We will outlive them.”

Hitler’s highest assistants were psychiatrists.

Antisemitism, and just about any form of hatred you can imagine, all these are alive and well in the practice of psychiatry! No more!

2 thoughts on “Amazing Jewish survival song…why do I think of psychiatric survivors when I hear this?”

  1. Pretty Cool! I was listening to a Lecture by a Rabbi on YouTube and he started talking about mental illness. I emailed him a copy of Peter Breggin’s Violence initiative video. Since then he has totally shut up about “crazy people”. Most people don’t realize that America started Eugenics or that Psychiatry is a Holocaust in itself. I always take the opportunity to educate the ignorant and I have helped many quit Psych Meds. I’m not sure what to do about anti-Semitism. That’s been going on forever. It seems that ignorance and hate are infinite. Bummer!

    1. I remember antisemitism when I was five years old. I remember not understanding why the other kids were teasing me and calling me names. For me, it predates psych for sure. Many psychiatrists and therapists are antisemitic. I so often heard, “Typical Jewish upbringing,” and “Jewish mother” and those are hateful stereotypes. What is a typical Jewish upbringing, anyway? Jewish mother is a degrading term, too. I was called a spoiled Jewish girl more by shrinks than by anyone else. Antisemitism is alive and well within psychiatry! I want to do research on this sometime. I think Bonnie Burstow likely has resources on this. I believe antisemitism in psychiatry was at the root of why I was labeled to begin with.

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