The light at the end of the tunnel

I had a bad night last night with very poor quality sleep. I got up several times due to inability to sleep. I did not have sleep in the first hour or so of the night the way I often do, which is about the only restorative sleep I ever get anyway. I was grumpy yesterday due to MIA comments that thankfully, have been taken down. I am glad I did not respond in any way to the comments (except to alert Steve, the moderator…).

I also felt grumpy because I realized that one of my jobs is not panning out. The pay is just way too low.

I was up at around 2am, puttering around, etc. Sometimes I get out of bed so angry over this long-term insomnia that I feel like I’m going to burst out crying or something. I don’t, mainly because it’ll do no good.

Of course, this immense frustration is not a good place to be. Not for long, anyway. Oddly, I think it was this discomfort that led me to kind a breakthrough in my thinking about kidney health. I’m not sure if I’m right about this yet. I’m still checking it out.

This would be a little more exciting to me if I wasn’t so exhausted to begin with. Maybe I will sleep tonight? I’ve been saying that for eight years now.  Maybe I should just accept that the answer will be no.

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