Positive stuff that happened over the past couple of days

I decided it is finally warm and summery enough to clean my bedroom rug.  I purchased a mini-vacuum on sale at the supermarket about a week ago and got to work. I vacuumed the entire rug, which isn’t very big but it’s stuck to the floor and is a overall pain in the butt. Then, I shampooed the rug. I have a small machine designed for small spaces, not one of those industrial ones that are just too big and unwieldy.

I am thrilled because I did this successfully and got out all the doggie dander odor. I got out a lot of the stains, too. Then, I washed my big heavy comforter and for the first time ever, got the doggie odor out of that, too. It is currently hanging to dry and is almost finished.

That’s the good stuff that happened. I don’t even want to think about the bad things. I have two jobs right now that are non-jobs. One is teaching, which I’ve been doing for the past two weeks, but the pay is just so low that I am ready to quit. The other is assisting students who are having a difficult time in school. That’s a total nonjob because I am still lacking the access I need to do what I am supposed to do (whatever that is!).  Administration is noncommunicative and when they finally respond, they refer me elsewhere. I had one phone discussion with a tech person and then he sent me some kind of writeup of our discussion that was full of spelling and grammar errors to such extreme that it was laughable. This person had an American accent so I know the “help” isn’t outsourced which would explain the errors. Do they even know what they’re doing? Kids lives and education are at stake here. Is this really a school?

The other very negative thing going on in my life is that I can’t sleep. I am tired of researching like mad, deciding on some miracle supplement that I’m positive will save the day, then, trying it and realizing it doesn’t actually do anything. I’ve tried weed and that, too, doesn’t do anything at all either. Insomnia is wrecking my work life because I’m exhausted and short-tempered.

I can’t believe it’s been eight years now. I still have very little in the way of answers.

Does anyone know where I can get help with this? How do you correct the organ damage that has resulted from irresponsible psychiatry? How can I find out for sure which organ was damaged? I waited an hour on the Breggin show yesterday but it was more like a Dr. Phil show with people calling in asking about how to get off drugs or how to help some relative. I’m very upset because with all callers, Breggin recommended therapy. Does he even realize that most therapists are complete crap?

I wanted to ask him, since he’s an expert on drugs and how they wreck your life, which organ got damaged and how to remedy this. I never had a chance. Then again, if he was going to recommend therapy, I would have been extremely disappointed.

I’ve eliminated a couple of things. It’s not anxiety or depression and it’s not sleep apnea. It’s not “sleep hygiene” and it’s not “too much screen time.” Something very serious is wrong. I want to know what it is.

I’ve heard of pineal gland transplants, but they’ve only done  this to animals. I’d be scared to do it, but really I’m so desperate at this point (which I shouldn’t be admitting) I’ll try anything.

Feedback and comments welcome!