In other countries they go through distress but it’s not an illness

Many people with whom I have spoken have told me their troubles. I spoke with a man who says he works many hours but has to because he must support himself and his family. A woman tells me she is deeply bored. A girl tells me she feels excluded due to a physical deformity. A woman is happy to hear that I, too, am not married. A man tells me he’s going through a “career change” and doesn’t know where to turn next.

It is different in other countries where psych is not so prevalent, where, in fact, they can’t afford psych and its drugs. None have told me they suffer so much they feel they cannot go on. I think that’s because these problems of living aren’t seen as diseases in other places. These issues clear up quickly since there aren’t any shrinks around. This has actually been proven…but I am not an authority on statistics.

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