How I made my own running music

Here is how I made my own running music.

You-Tube wasn’t cutting it. It is great for music in general but you won’t be able to pull up a playlist of all the same BPM.  I have been running at 177 instead of my usual 176. Maybe it means moving a notch up in the world. I am not sure.

I did a search on Amazon for 177 BPM. This brought up about seven songs. I did not buy them. I did a search for each of these on YouTube. I found them all. I was able to download these videos. Then, I tried putting each into my phone, but that wasn’t working since the phone now wanted to play videos and I couldn’t get them put altogether that way.

I imported each song into Corel Video Studio and then, extracted the audio. I muted the video so now I only had sound. Then, I exported. I am fairly sure iphones can’t play WMA files. So I made them into OGG files. I will need to put VLC Media Player into my phone to play these songs. Still, I am playing them now on my computer and it sounds like a really great run.

So off I go!

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