Too much to do…but I will get it done!

I have too many things to do today, but I will do them!

I need to fill out paperwork that has to be submitted prior to a training. I have to get a TB test soon, not today but soon, which is easy enough to get done if I don’t have to wait in a waiting room (ugh!). The TB test is a requirement for a job. I need to arrange to get my transcripts mailed (or faxed) to someone. My worry is that there will be a delay with that. What else? I have to get one more background check done.

Make three calls to parents of my students, and document that I called them. This will turn into phone tag but I gotta do that today. Create a required video intro. Create APA Protest videos. Finish washing that blanket that Puzzle puked on. Go over a couple of articles that will be published soon, make sure everything looks okay. Write another article on ECT, or, more likely, write to the person who requested it and say, “No, I haven’t forgotten, it’s just that I’m kinda swamped.” Pay my local taxes. This is the last of the taxes due. I already paid the utility bills and scheduled a rent payment.

I am working today, all day until 3, working two different jobs. I look forward to talking to my coworker on the phone, talking about work most likely since she has some questions. Meet with one of my regular students.

Later, go grocery shopping! I need to buy brown rice, bell peppers, winter squash unless it is really old-looking, whole wheat pasta, beets, brown mushrooms, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, turnips, bananas, and I’m not sure what else. Cucumbers.

Tomorrow, I really have to give Puzzle a shower. I have most of the day off tomorrow except for one hour of teaching in the morning.

Success is the best revenge.

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