More great news!

This is certainly not table-talk, which was my parents’ term for, “Don’t talk about it while others are eating because it’s distasteful.” This blog is going to be distasteful. Shall I post a bodily fluids trigger warning?

When you  have kidney disease your piss is always cloudy and/or bubbly. This is because of protein in your urine. Cloudy, foamy urine becomes the new normal. A doc will tell you it’s a sure sign of hopeless deterioration and nothing can be done about it.

Funny, they said that about a lot of things. I would be anemic forever. I would never walk or run again. I was incapable of sitting in a room full of people. I would need psych “treatment” for the rest of my life or I’d die of the dreaded “relapse.” I would have to be “followed” by a nephrologist forever, and he’d guide me to my inevitable death. Really?

I think it’s been three days now. My piss is no longer cloudy and no more foam! It is also back to the usual color. When you have diabetes insipidus your piss will be clear, or nearly so. I know that sometimes herbal supplements or B Vitamins will make your piss yellower. Still, I can’t believe what I see in the toilet bowl looks like it used to. Like the way piss is supposed to look for me.

Maybe I’m dreaming. Okay, I’m hallucinating this, right? I’m delusional. Totally off my rocker.

But it’s true. I’m trying to figure out what I did right, or wrong, to cause this. I added two supplements at the same time. This is likely not a good idea if your aim is to assess if it “works.” These are both to improve sleep, and therefore, improve daytime alertness.

The challenge now is to figure out which one is also unintentionally helping my kidneys. I think I kinda know, but I need to continue this to see if it “sticks.”

I also feel better. The depression is completely gone. I’ll talk about that (again) in another blog entry. However, any improvement you do for your kidneys will help with depression, since kidney disease invariably causes depression and also, insomnia. I believe the insomnia from kidney disease happens due to changes in the endocrine system. I had to study it, learn about the role of aldosterone and other hormones, and the changes that kidney disease will cause. I also know for sure that years and years of polydrugging with multiple simultaneous antipsychotic drugs has certainly done some separate damage, but I don’t know which organ or system was affected. Not yet.

It’s like the answer is right around the corner, though. When I learn which organ was damaged I can work on correcting the damage. The only research I can find is on the harmful effect of antidepressants. I don’t think it’s the same. Those that were on drugs like Zyprexa also describe the insomnia as similar to mine. I suspect that the lacking of medical research in this area is because they don’t know, or they don’t want to admit it.

4 thoughts on “More great news!”

  1. That’s great news! I suspect they don’t research anything helpful. Why would they? The medical field is only concerned with money. Actual Healing is not an option. (we heal ourselves)
    Good for you for ignoring their Bullshit advise and predictions.

    1. Now this is so weird. It is a weight-loss supplement which by all means I am not using for weight loss. I took it for sleep. I can’t say the change in my sleep has been all that dramatic. But the changes in my piss were so fast and so obvious that I am actually convinced at this point. There is no research on this. I have been looking. I see nothing.

      It was to my advantage to be so desperate for sleep that I was open to trying anything. I’m proud to be an off-label person. I use everything off label! Actually I learned that little skill in Uruguay. Or rekindled it maybe.

      1. If we all had the exact same Biology then “off label” would be valid. We are all so unique. Like those people who can Eat everything and never gain a pound or those people with Green eyes….I fail to see how 1 “medication, herb,mineral, substance ect.” can have the same effect on the entire human race. The only thing we have in common is Homosapien Sapien…I have always been myself despite various attempts to reform my thoughts, make me compliant and just re-program me. Trust yourself! You already are your own healer.

        1. I do my whole life off-label! It’s a great way to save money.

          I adopted the off-label lifestyle when I lived in Uruguay. Anything can be used for anything, or at least one can try. I have these hooks in my kitchen. I use them to hang out my underwear and socks to dry. I have a couple of wastebaskets I use as wash buckets. And so on.

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