Truth is, I am very bummed

I think that seeing the sleep person was a bad idea. I have thought about it and assessed the past two weeks and realized that the changes he suggested did not result in anything positive. I am sleeping far worse. In fact, sleep suddenly became an issue again. I didn’t want it to turn into that. I have become very negative due to lack of sleep. i have fallen asleep at work and had to stop due to extreme fatigue. Thankfully, my bosses (whoever the heck they are) did not find out. I faked it, said I had connection issues, but of course that wasn’t true.

I feel that eventually they will catch me at slacking off. I am hoping to find a job I actually like to replace this one before I am canned. This job is all copying and pasting, nothing original, nothing that really requires brains. I would love to say I liked retail better, but I did not like the repeated threats and demands to keep up with their impossible “metrics.”

People talk about VIPKID, but do I really want to waste my time talking baby talk to little kids? Probably not. And the thought of stuffed animals…ick. Bad memories! I have not applied.

I am definitely frustrated, but likely that will end when something truly decent comes along. I really need to stop settling for just anything that comes my way. I need to be more picky.

Honestly, I’d rather write all day and not do anything else. My book is coming along very well, maybe I need to do that more hours per week. Maybe I can quit this irrelevant employment and spend all my time writing, and live off of savings for a while. I’m seriously considering it. Maybe I can get a really big loan to pay for living expenses, then, live the way I want to. Wouldn’t that be nice? I figure I can likely do that in about six months.

Feedback and comments welcome!