Recent experiences with life coaches

Let’s call them #1, #2, #3, #4, and so on.

The first one I called was a business coach. Of all of them, he was the only one I felt comfortable with. He wanted to refer me to another coach but I have yet to find someone suitable. From what I recall, he told me by all means I didn’t belong in a call center! Of course, this is true. He said I had a pessimistic outlook and that I needed to work on that. And that’s about how we left it.

#2….I wrote to her, told her barely anything except “career,” and she concluded that I wasn’t rich enough for her. What? My emails were not lined in gold? Here is one of the emails I sent to her:

“I am kind of picky about the person’s philosophy. My main concern is human rights. I belong to numerous human rights organizations. I am tuned in to certain social situations such as racism, assaults on religious freedom, etc. I will not tolerate any pushing of various beliefs and practices. So I have avoided life coaching, therapy, etc. I did enjoy personal training at the gym, though.”

Interestingly, from this, she derived that I must not be rich enough for her. Either that or she didn’t want a human rights activist as a client.

#3. I contacted a life coach at random. He did not seem very experienced, unfortunately. I had the sense that he was just starting out. I did not ask, but there were little clues along the way. I am not sure if coaches are supposed to do this but toward the end he started kinda boasting about his job, his other job, that is. I said nothing, just said I would be in touch. I won’t.

#4. This one I called out of the blue. He actually picked up and immediately dove into a life coaching session. I was impressed at first, but then, realized that all he was doing was insulting me (and I’m supposed to then shape up, right?).  Not very inspiring. He said I was “negative.” Funny, I suspect he was projecting! Life coaching isn’t supposed to be negative, dude! At one point he said, “You choose how you react to people.” I took his advice and decided I wasn’t going to take him seriously anymore. I didn’t want to keep letting him manipulate me because he was making me feel rotten. I kept telling myself if I were to see him for ten sessions I’d be ready to jump off a building. I was dying to get off the phone and we’d been on for about an hour and a half. I finally shut down totally and only said “yes” or “thank you” to anything he said.. Good riddance…..

Obviously, I don’t need a life coach that badly that I would settle for any of these folks, except the first one who said he wasn’t right for me. My experience is likely typical. How about you?

Feedback and comments welcome!