This is a real disease, folks, and it is scary

I saw this in The Atlantic:

It is measurable, detectable, and clearly caused by fungus.

This is really scary.

In Uruguay we had singing frogs. They were so cool. You have never heard anything like it. Now that would be sad if the frog population were to be wiped out. Losing a species affects us all.

The science behind this is scary, too. We think nothing of international trade. Think again. A lot of the produce we buy in the supermarket is imported. Not that imports are bad, but think about the possible consequences.

A lot of fish is imported. That seems risky to me. Certain fruits, occasionally veggies, figs, grapefruit. A lot of contaminated foods come from right here in the USA. The mass distribution magnifies the risk. Maybe it is time to grow our own.

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