Every day is a breakthough. Here’s what I figured out today

I am a member of a forum on elder issues. I rarely contribute. I just read it.

Today in my email I saw a person posting about getting sick of hearing about elderly issues. I figured he was going to say he was sick of the forum. But that’s not what he said.

He said all his mother talks about is peeing and pooping. She talks about her health issues, complains about hearing loss, etc. At first I saw this as an ageist remark.

Then I suddenly realized that if you want to live longer or not suffer when you  are older, don’t talk about those things! Making a poop shouldn’t be your major accomplishment of the day. It’s not an accomplishment and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

That said, what one person thinks of as an accomplishment another might feel is a deficit. Also, it is insulting to tell a person that what they are wicked proud of isn’t an accomplishment. I can think this, but I would not tell a person this (having been similarly insulted in the past).

Here is an example. You might feel great because you just wrote 3,000 words. Another person tells you it’s not an accomplishment because you didn’t make money doing it. Is this a clash of values?

Once I was in a restaurant with some gals I didn’t see very often. One gal spent a good 30 minutes loudly discussing the gory details of childbearing. It was bad enough, but people at other tables heard this. I sat there embarrassed out of my mind! This must have been 2010 or so. I wanted to change the topic. I didn’t know what to say to stop her that wouldn’t be rude.

Don’t talk about constipation at the dinner table. Plain and simple. Don’t talk about the gory details of a medical procedure, either.

You can, however, discuss it next time you do a stand-up comedy routine. This is the place to be vulgar. The shock value alone will give you some laughs if you timing is right.

All this got me thinking about why on earth I do not fit the “elderly stereotype.”

If you don’t want to feel like an elder, don’t talk like one, and don’t act like one. In brief, BE IMMATURE!

No, you don’t have to get your nose pierced…….


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