Life is precious

If a person sleeps eight hours a night (not that everyone does…) and spends 40 hours a week at a job, this means out of 112 hours of awake time during the week, 35% is spent a job.

I don’t know how much life I have left. I figure I wasted 35 years of it on a fake disease I was devoted to. Now, at 61, I especially do not want to waste any  more time. This is likely the main reason I quit my call center job, for a company I did not believe in and did not feel devoted to. It was a job. But I do not want to waste my life that way.

I’m keeping my work-at-home job for now, though I would really like to do something more meaningful. I have put in more applications but only to positions where I feel I’d be doing something more humanitarian. I would very much like to teach in an academic environment. I know I have to start small and then, build up my experience and job history. I am going to start designing classes to teach via Adult Education. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. Why don’t I just take the plunge and get started?

These are the unique classes I hope to offer:

History and Principles of Antipsychiatry
Writing the Madness Memoir

I believe I have enough experience and training to be doing this. After I have designed these classes (or one of them) I will write up a proposal and see what happens.

Feedback and comments welcome!