Anti-Authoritarians Enrich Our Lives

Many years ago, maybe around 1990, my dad gave me a poster he got from NAMI. The poster listed names of famous people who were supposedly “mentally ill.” On the top of the poster it said, “People with mental illness enrich our lives.”

I would like to modify this. Anti-Authoritarians enrich our lives. I can remember the people listed on the poster. People who were original thinkers, inventors, and people who went against the grain of society. People who jumped outside of the box called “normal” and reached for higher creative goals. I remember some of the people who were listed. Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Buzz Aldrin, Vivien Leigh, Virginia Woolf.  What would we do without the innovators, the thinkers, the inventors and adventurers?

Our society needs people to question authority, to keep our leaders in check and to speak out when we see wrongdoing. If we do not, who will? And what would become of human society if we did not have those that question the status quo?

If you really want a humdrum life, obey without questioning. Follow the rules because the rulers say so. Do everything they say. Don’t talk back. Don’t think in any way that they do not approve of. I guarantee you’ll be not only bored, but directionless and lacking passion. Some people like that, like having a humdrum, routine life. Isn’t it time for a change?

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