Little adventure I never told anyone about

Back in the early spring of 2013, I saw a therapist who ended up asking me out on a date. I was so appalled that I quit right away. I’m awfully glad I had the good sense to do this. Some people do not realize that such overtures are not even legal for therapists to do. As you may recall, when I told my psychiatrist about this, she claimed I was “psychotic” and refused to believe me.

Later, much later, in a rather random web search, I ran into the guy’s master’s thesis. This was not for his counseling degree, but for another degree he earned in writing and literature, an MA from Providence College.

He had told me in a session that he had dated someone who had attended Goddard College. I had not known her but took note of this. He had told me, in our session, about his breakup with this gal. Yes, I was quite appalled when he delved into his intimate personal life! Still, I shelved this… Until I saw the thesis.

The thesis is dedicated to her. He said he got most of his info for the thesis from knowing her. I suddenly realized that the thesis was likely, in part, plagiarized. I was never able to locate her thesis to prove it, but I bet I could.

The only reason I would even halfway consider doing this is because after he wrecked my faith in humanity, and then, my confidence further pushed into the shit-pile by Dr. Pearson’s response, I have wanted to vindicate myself. I am hoping someone comes forward someday who saw him and found him to be just as much of a jerk as I found him. Of course, his thesis had nothing to do with his inappropriate actions that day. Still, a bit of me wants revenge.

So far, no one. I suspect he had so few clients that he wasn’t quite supporting himself on his therapy business. There was never anyone else in the waiting room. He arrived in time for my session and left right afterward. He didn’t have other clients lined up. I can see why.

I  know that since I am telling the truth, the truth will win out. I’m so tired of being called a nutcase. This really happened. He really did act inappropriately. Someday, people will realize that all this is true. Till then, no credibility for me. I’m tired of it.

Hemingway was called paranoid for claiming he was being followed and spied on. I am saddened that only after his suicide did anyone realize he was telling the truth. The CIA was indeed spying on him, because he had been to Cuba.

The accusations hurt Hemingway immensely. In fact, these accusations of paranoia led to his suicide, since he was sent to an asylum for supposed paranoia, and that was where they shocked him till he couldn’t write anymore. Later, his friends regretted that they failed to believe him.

That’s about the saddest thing I have ever heard. What a tragedy.

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