Western Medicine doesn’t just kill…..

I saw this in my “feed” today:


In work in banking, I have noticed there’s one thing that this article totally missed. The main reason our customers get way behind on bills is….


In fact, we have special allowances for hospitalization. I bet other banks do, too. (Now here’s a little hint: If you ever forget to pay a bill or just don’t have the money, call the bank and tell them you were in the hospital. We do not ask for “proof.” Obviously, here’s where HIPAA comes in handy. We can’t! So please take advantage of this if you have to. Please do not tell them I told you so!)

A lot of customers, ones who are faithfully keeping up with their bills, will call us after a lengthy hospitalization to find that they’ve gotten so far behind that their accounts were sold to collection agencies. We cannot revive closed accounts.

Hospitalization of any kind causes a person to lose wages and lose track of their bills. Some customers lose their jobs or get demoted. I have spoken to several customers who went bankrupt due to hospitalization.

Western medicine doesn’t just kill. It makes people go broke!

The other day I spoke with a lady who was calling me from a rehab. She was in a hospital, then got transferred to the rehab. She asked me what happens when a person is hospitalized. I told her we are aware of the inconvenience that it causes and we make allowances.

Then, she asked me a question I did not expect. “What happens when the customer dies?”

I didn’t want to tell her the truth. When a customer dies, a relative eventually discovers the person had an account with us. They call us and say the person is dead. I have indeed taken these calls. It is not easy.

I didn’t tell her that. I don’t think the dead person should have to worry about their relatives having to go through inconvenience on top of their sorrow. When you are dead you do not feel anything anymore. I didn’t say that, either.

I told her not to worry about it, to instead focus on life. I felt okay about the conversation afterward. She is the only one who ever asked.

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