P.O.W.E.R. Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized…another Who’s Who scam list

Have you received an email from POWER? I believe this organization doesn’t exist! I have gotten their form letter many times. They didn’t ask for money (yet) but they ask you to sign up on their site. I believe this is a marketing ploy. You sign up thinking you’re honored to be a member, but really they will sell your email address as “leads” to marketers. You will now get all kinds of spam.

I receive multiple spam emails per day. It takes me a good 15 minutes out of my day to delete them all. I believe all this started when I purchased a weight loss scam product. I was so desperate to stop the binge eating that I was willing to pay money on this gimmick. It did not work!  That’s when the spam started, many years ago.

I don’t believe POWER is a real organization, but a ploy to get you onto email lists so you will be targeted for spam. It’s not a networking organization. The emails seem to come from “Ellen Gold” but her email address that she sends from is different each time. This time, it’s POWER-EllenGold@neverpaincare.racing. Looks very spammy to me!

Please do not fall for this.

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