Proud to be a Mental Illness Denier

That is their new word for us! “Mental illness denier.” They are now trying to align us with Holocaust Deniers and Climate Change Deniers. Flat earth, anyone?

This is the new tactic, since no one can pronounce anastagnosia (or spell it). And who would want to talk like mumbo-jumbo, anyway? Their big fancy words, like schizophrenia…some of them (if I recall correctly) they could not even spell.

Nice try, psychiatry. I would say that the majority out there are Prison Deniers, unable to see that a locked ward is about the same as a prison. Unable to see, though it’s obvious, that the drugs do more harm than good. Unable to see that psychiatry is totally illogical. Unable to see through the fallacy of “chemical imbalance.”

Want to see real denial? Go to a shrink. Better yet, go to the APA Protest in San Francisco this May and protest before a whole bunch of hotshot shrinks, all in mass denial.

That’s not brain damage from ECT, it’s a new mental illness! Those aren’t side effects, you have a new illness called Bipolar. The drugs didn’t make you put on 100 pounds, er…what 100 pounds?

If you look hard enough for something, you’ll find it, as I figure.

3 thoughts on “Proud to be a Mental Illness Denier”

  1. I haven’t seen that one yet but am not surprised, they are treatment harm deniers, choice deniers, psychiatric fraud deniers, eugenics danger deniers, trauma deniers.

    1. It’s amazing how blind the shrinks are. They see their patients get sicker and sicker from the drugs. They can’t put two and two together.

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