How does one “concentrate on getting better”?

Have you heard this expression before? Bet you have. What, exactly, does that mean? Does it mean one should become a full-time patient? Often, this is exactly what they mean by that. This is seriously contradictory, though, when I think about it.   Drop what is important to you in life and waste your days away in “group.”

Maybe they mean, “We do not want you around, so shut up and go to treatment far away where we won’t have to see you or deal with you.”

Or maybe it means, “You’re such a sicko. You don’t live up to our snobby standards so it must be some invisible illness. It couldn’t be us!”

These were the words of so many do-gooders of my past. Somehow, they always came up with that remark if I was in a hospital.  It seemed so ironic. If I wanted to concentrate on getting well, would putting myself behind locked doors really be the answer?


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