Moderated off MIA again

I wrote the following, which is the absolute truth about what happened. MIA doesn’t want others to know, so they moderated the following comment off of their site:

“MIA limited how many articles I publish with them. I do not see the same rule they claim exists applied to others. When I objected to the obvious double standard, the MIA editors encouraged me to write in the comments. What an insult! The comments are hidden and often, not even read. I don’t even want to bother. I got disgusted and come here a lot less often. I chose to move MIA down lower on the totem pole of what is important to me in my life. I am very happy I did that.”

Steve McCrea seemed to think it was unproductive. His words were “there is nothing to be gained…” Wow, nothing to be gained by MIA, of course. I know of a number of groups that are organizing outside of MIA. Many of the participants are folks who got disgusted just like me. I told Steve outright that as soon as I am moderated off MIA I publish the censored comments here in my blog.

MIA editors have no appreciation for the fact that I have been blogging for longer than MIA has been around. They have no clue how often I blog or what I am up to here. They have no appreciation for the work I have put into my own writing or my degrees or the years I spent earning them. Why? Because I am not a mental health professional. Plain and simple.

Actually, artists on a whole are underappreciated in our society. People see the arts as child’s play or a hobby. Fun time! Actually, writing and all the arts are a lot of work! Whether or not you have formal training you have likely worked very hard at honing down the skills and esthetics, and developing your artist’s voice.

MIA is not the only fish in the pond. I told Steve that MIA was losing out not only by refusing to publish my work but to successfully turn off many others who are so disgusted they won’t even submit to them.

There are other groups out there, many of which have been going on quietly even before MIA existed. Keep it up, folks! If they are going to continue to endorse MH professionals due to their bogus degrees, of course they will lose readership, lose valuable members, and ultimately end up a pro-psychiatry site.



What about mindfulness…OOPS!

In my last post I wrote that I had “chopped the dog and removed the bones.” I have not edited this out because I think it’s so funny. No, that’s not quite right! I wonder if anyone noticed…..

I left out the word “food.” “Chopped the dog food and removed the bones.”

Many apologies to my adversaries who can hardly wait to accuse me of violence, recklessness, or “mentally ill and off meds.” Not quite!

The truth is that I write so fast and think a number of words ahead of myself that sometimes this results in omitted words.

Ability to write spontaneously is a gift I highly treasure. I don’t think most people can do this as well as I can, as it is. My ability has only increased now that I am away from the MH system. Most people, patients or not, cannot write spontaneously. I know this from observing my coworkers and seeing the obligatory notes they leave…or don’t leave since they can’t really read and write.

Half the country is illiterate. This is a sad statistic indeed. This even includes college students and people with really good jobs. This includes nurses who can’t seem to write proper chart notes, some doctors who are likewise disabled, and social workers. Many of my coworkers panic if they have to write an email…or they write one very badly (I have seen this) or they paste stuff due to their own inability to construct proper sentences.

I suppose I am indeed fortunate. I am super healthy and also literate. I also have a hidden talent for sounding very professional over the phone.  To my adversaries, what a surprise indeed because I they claimed I was disabled…..oops.

What about mindfulness?

The mental health system, starting sometime in the 1990s, started touting “mindfulness” as a way to overcome various maladies such as anxiety, insomnia, and depression. They continued to push this mindfulness idea until we were all plenty sick of it. They even used the criticism, “You aren’t being mindful…” to insult us if they didn’t like what we were up to.

Unfortunately, the pushing of mindfulness did not have good consequences for many of us. I now hate yoga and can’t stand the idea of meditating. Doing either gives me a post-trauma reaction, so I will not do these things.  Some people say they are both very helpful, but I can’t do either without bringing back terrible memories.

Secondly, they were wrong about a lot of what they were saying. Some of these mindfulness-pushers said that “multitasking” was a terrible thing that was bad for your mental health.

This, by the way, is total bullshit.

People with attention issues (might have been labeled ADD or ADHD) actually are really talented at multitasking. Some children can’t study without listening to music at the same time. This little trick is used by tutors and others who help these kids concentrate better. Another little trick is to chew gum while reading. This will actually help some kids read more efficiently. Distraction helps these kids, and will help an adult who is having trouble concentrating, too.

The mental health system will ruin a person’s ability to concentrate. I’m not sure how this happens but I have seen it with my own eyes. After several months of day treatment I was unable to read a book. Who noticed? My parents! They approached my therapists in a family session, very concerned. All of us assumed that it was “mental illness” that caused this. However, I know, in hindsight, that six hours a day of therapy had caused it! I was not yet on meds. The therapists didn’t seem to think it was very important to read books. Wow…..

Meds might also wreck one’s ability to concentrate, study, or work intensely on a long-term project. I believe this is because many of these meds interfere with one’s normal sleep patterns, actually producing fatigue, sluggishness, and a decrease in mental alertness.

What I have found out is that “multitasking” is a prized skill in the working world. A successful student will also, to an extent, multitask, because during the school year students are required to complete many projects simultaneously. A student has to keep track of a schedule of many activities, and also be mindful (sorry) of which projects are due soon and when he or she has to show up for class.

In the workplace, if you will not, or cannot multitask, you either won’t get hired or you will not last long on the job. Many jobs require multitasking and some even tell you this upfront during the application process.

I just did multitasking while doing my household chores. I had put some stew into my crock pot last night and I also put some dog food into my rice cooker to cook. This morning I saw that the dog food was done, so I unplugged the rice cooker and let that cool. I brushed my teeth with my new toothbrush and popped a xylitol mint into my mouth to improve oral health. I started three more small bucketfuls of laundry. Then I stirred my stew and added another ingredient. Then I tended to my laundry again. I swept my floor multiple times, took stuff down to the basement, put away my shoes that were lying around, swept again, rinsed off some laundry and hung it up so I can wear it tomorrow, threw out stray papers and junk mail lying around, wiped down counters, emptied the slightly cooled dog food into a bowl, transferred a bag of whole wheat flour into a large dispenser, used a folded-in Amazon box to keep my spices neat, wiped the counter again, cleaned the rice cooker with peroxide, cleaned the countertop underneath with more peroxide, chopped the dog and removed the bones. Stored the bones in the freezer so Puzzle won’t get them, then transferred the dog food into a quart-size yogurt container and put it away. Yes, I gave some to Puzzle!

And…I made coffee, walked the dog, poured my vitamins and swallowed them, made a solution of Vitamin C and magnesium citrate and drank that, drank my half cup of coffee, set up my cup and filter to make herbal tea later, mixed some powder supplement with applesauce and ate it, ate two Brazil nuts for the selenium content, chowed down on a few blueberries and blackberries, and ate a banana for the potassium.

I am now sitting down with my salt-free stew and writing this. Yes, eating at my desk! What a terrible sin, according to the mental health world. I will likely shower on my work break later today.

Could I possibly have done all that in only a couple of hours while I was a patient? Are you kidding? I would have been accused of mania! I’m not manic, just very efficient now.

Wow, that stew was good, too.

Please take the survey on antipsychotics!

Here is the link:

This is a very involved and comprehensive survey done by Will Hall. I filled it out explaining that massive doses of antipsychotic drugs cause insomnia and coming off will also cause insomnia, the most horrific and long-lasting insomnia you’ve ever experienced.

And they said it couldn’t be done, addendum

I just looked over my latest blood lab work report. My phosphorus is also back in range. After I saw last time that it was too high I took measures to lower my phosphorus level. I used natural medicine. I did not see a doctor for something I could figure out myself!

I read a lot about this. I read real medical studies and also read writings of naturopaths I follow. I designed my own solution based on all I had read.

It’s true that your doctor doesn’t want you to know that there are real, natural, non-invasive solutions to many common medical problems. Not only that, these are simple things you can do at home, with easy-to-obtain materials. Many are in your local grocery store! All are legal to obtain and use.

If only others knew this. This is why I have written my book, Life After Lithium. I can only hope that what I have written helps other people! In my book I also include a lot of general information about escaping your diagnosis, recovering from the brainwashing of psychiatry, and getting your life back.

And they say it can’t be done!

I have only a few minutes to write this…..

I had a blood test last December which showed my creatinine level at 2.99. This is very high indeed. Had I gone to a doctor I would have been subject to heavy-duty coercion to “prepare for dialysis.” They would have insisted on operating on me, a dangerous operation to say the least, to put a “fistula” into my body. I did not want this, and I do not want dialysis. I am not going to agree to it!

However, I didn’t get these blood tests because a doctor ordered them. I got these tests totally on my own, confidentially. No doctor read them. I did!

I had another blood test Tuesday, Feb 5, which showed a 21-point decrease in creatinine level. They say this can’t be done, but….well, that’s Western Med for you. Doom and gloom! They profit by convincing you you’ll die if you do not become a customer! Actually, the opposite is true, never mind the payments that so conveniently slide into your doctor’s pocket…..

So? If I was that unhealthy, wouldn’t I be huffing and puffing? Wouldn’t I be diabetic, overweight, unable to walk never mind run (I ran 5k Monday and I walk 3 miles round trip to work every day). Would I really be able to carry over half my weight in groceries in a knapsack home from the bus stop? Would I really be able to work over 50 hours a week?

Health is in the eye of the beholder. Funny I think they’d love to declare me unhealthy, just to make a buck, but the obvious truth sits there like a huge boulder on someone’s desk.

Not only work 50 hours a week, but I am nearly finished with my book. That, too.

Why? Because I ditched psychiatry, stopped seeing doctors, stopped taking their (or anyone’s) advice seriously, and started making my own decisions.

I would wish the same good fortune for anyone.

Bad news! Michelle Carter found responsible for Conrad Roy’s death

I don’t understand why the courts do not realize that Conrad Roy was abusing Michelle. They don’t understand that the fact that he constantly threatened suicide WAS abuse! She was terrified, never mind drugged, too. He manipulated her, threatened her, and controlled her life.

If you have a friend who says to you, “If you don’t do what I say, I will commit suicide,” then that IS abuse! Any form of this is abuse.

Here are some examples:

“If you move away, I’ll be so lonely I’ll kill myself.”

“If you dare date others, I’ll stick this knife into my wrist.”

“You’re leaving me? Then I have no choice but to do something very drastic.”

“You are making me so unhappy. I’m going to go pout.”

And so on.

These are all narcissistic abuse. They are not exact quotes from Conrad, but I read enough to realize what was happening.

Looking back on my own life, I remember when I was being abused by my best friend (supposed) in high school. She said stuff like this all the time, constantly trying to control my social life and restrict it to only her. You can see other examples of Destructive Teen Relationships on You-Tube. There’s a whole series on these terrible relationships and they say it’s more common than anyone realizes.

The victims talk about what it was like. Most are able to leave unscathed, but some were left with trauma over the incident. This type of abuse does not discriminate and anyone can end up in such a relationship. Most who got roped into abuse were not aware of the red flags. Ignorance or lack of education is not a mental disorder, but a sign that people need to be told this stuff.

After narcissistic abuse there’s a recovery period. If you know anyone subject to this, please be patient with the person because the recovery period can be very rocky.

In a lot of these instances, the parent or school system had to get involved to protect the victim. In the instance of Michelle Carter, I question why her counselors did not help her out. She was seeing them, so wasn’t it their responsibility to act? No, they drugged her! Being an abuse victim isn’t a mental illness. I believe she sent those texts in a state of utter desperation, seeing this as a way out of abuse.

If Kate had committed suicide during high school I would have secretly been relieved. I did not even consider this during that time. I did consider killing myself but dismissed this as an undesirable last resort. I considered running away very seriously. I also considered faking a suicide attempt because back then I figured a hospital would be a good place and they’d get me out of the relationship. I am awfully glad that did not happen, as I was wrong about just how “good” those places are.

Instead, I encouraged her to attend a college far away, more than halfway across the country. At one point she was about to chicken out and wanted to attend the same college with me, even become my roommate. Oh no! I was so terrified! At that point, I told her, “Yeah, but think of that nice white powder skiing!” That got her wanting to go to Utah again. Thank god!

After all these years (she and I are both 61 now) I believe she figured this out, too. I think eventually she realized that I very deliberately got away from her. Does she admit this to herself? Or to anyone? I don’t know.

At least we lived through it. I’m not sure about others, though, whose path she crossed, since she reveled in control and power. Do people change? They can, and do. Did she? I do not know.


Example of libel….

Check out this article by Sera Davidow:

I like the article but I don’t believe it was even legal to publish it because in it, Sera dissed other conference attendees. I think her criticism of the ASIST program is really good, but it is not okay to badmouth the other attendees in the way she did.

There is a fine line here. You can legally talk about your own experience. You can say what happened, what you saw, what you witnessed. It is legal to expose abuse when you see it. It’s not legal to reveal personal information about a person that isn’t already public.

I learned this in writing school. Most of it I gleaned during graduate school. While I have named Maria Mellano, any personal information about her that isn’t already public I left out. For instance, my mention of her inappropriate way of dressing is not libel, because you can see that boob crack in her public photo, which is on her website and in other places.

If I mention other patients I disguise their identity. I have used composite characters to ensure the privacy of patients. Yes, you can do this in memoir! I do not name them, or I give them fake names. I might name them if they died from psych treatment, though, because I hope to expose what happened and pinpoint the cause. I do this in the name of justice.

I might call someone by their first name but if it’s an uncommon name I will not. If I use a real name such as Debbie, I do not give out any other identifiers or I alter them to make “Debbie” look like she could be any “Debbie.”

While I did mention my former bullying supervisor, Marquita, by name, I know this is okay because I didn’t reveal anything personal about her. She is known figure at that workplace and anything I said was known there, or was a general understanding. I know I am helping other people by talking about workplace belittling, since some folks don’t realize that belittling isn’t okay.

I think that Sera went overboard to poke fun at the other attendees. I don’t think it was appropriate and I don’t think MIA should have let this pass through the editorial screening. Of course, Sera is one of their pets so they publish most anything she sends them. An awful lot of us are disgusted. Never mind the grammatical error in the title. It should be “whom” not “who.” Geez.


More bank advice

When dealing with banks, don’t tell them your card is lost if it’s only misplaced, such as in your pants pocket or sitting in your bathroom. Any mention or hint that it may have left your possession will lead to your card being locked or even canceled. Only tell them it’s lost if it is truly unrecoverable. In that case, it’s as good as stolen and needs to be canceled and replaced.

I have spoken to customers who do not have their card in their possession. Their spouse may have it, or they left it at home and didn’t bring it to work. This is not a lost card, but sadly, you really have to be careful what you say because they might mishear you.

A report of a lost card can even affect your credit score! If you lose it too many times then they very likely will stop re-issuing it to you.

Do not use the word “bankrupt” or “bankruptcy” or “lawyer” or “attorney” in a sentence when speaking to banks. Yes, this may sound like an extreme precaution but they might cancel your card if you say those words. If you mention a lawyer, say, if you are calling to make sure a payment to a lawyer went through, be sure NOT to mention or hint that the lawyer is handling your debts.

Also, I am very skeptical of companies that claim to be “debt relief.” This doesn’t mean they pay off your bills. YOU PAY THEM, then, they pay the bills and keep some of your money for themselves. If you’re having trouble with finances, get a notebook and pen and do your own debt relief. You can also use online financial planning resources. Many of these are free services.

Don’t pay a lawyer to do bankruptcy for you. Actually, you can do bankruptcy yourself, if you insist on it. Remember, it’ll look bad to employers, landlords, mortgage brokers and lenders and will limit what you can and can’t do for a very long time.

Every time you supply your social security number to a company you are as good as giving them permission to check your credit, whether you know it or not. I have had companies check my credit without my consent so many times that I am considering locking my credit report. Do you really want complete strangers knowing all your previous addresses, or where you worked? It’s almost like LinkedIn, which is another bad idea. I don’t want anyone and everyone knowing my address or knowing where I work. Having a LinkedIn profile is asking for big trouble.

The other day I had an interesting discussion with a guy on the bus about how our country has turned into a police state. I didn’t agree with everything he said but a lot of it made sense. The snooping and prying really gets to me, especially when it’s covert.

A recent article I read in a reputable journal states that now, medical information can be mined LEGALLY off of social media. HIPAA doesn’t cover social media sharing and selling of information. While they might have good intentions here, such as stopping opiate addiction, I am concerned that this is an invasion of privacy for those of us to whom “opiate addiction” is not applicable.