Another sent to psych search: Keith Ablow, sexual abuse and exploitation of female patients

Yep, he was even on TV. No, I doubt this is a mass delusion……

I sent this one to psych search also.

And the walls come tumbling down, don’t they?

Sweating over the small stuff

I can’t tell  you how much I dislike the expression, “I don’t sweat over the small stuff.” This is supposedly an advertisement of good character. How many times have I seen this in those “profiles” on Match dot com and other dating sites? Aren’t we sick of this already? Interestingly, most everyone who boasts that they don’t sweat over the small stuff is lying.

What is “small stuff” anyway?  I’m going to be very concerned if you flippantly tell me your mother just died.

My employers all nitpick. All of them. I’m wondering if this is the way the world works. They can’t find anything really important to nag me about, so they tell me I filled out a form wrong. Geez. Remember how they told me my ballet shoes weren’t allowed?

Yesterday my supervisor was wearing a boob crack. Maybe I notice these things and other people do not. Maybe that is because I would never wear something low-cut unless I was going to be totally alone. Maybe supervisors can do whatever the heck they want and the regular employees are going to get the boot if they do the exact same thing.

I look back and recall psychiatry was about the same way. They had their human flaws but if we had the exact same flaws they claimed it was a mental illness. We got drugged, diagnosed, and incarcerated and they got promotions and vacations.

And the class divide continues……


On my reading list

I have this little trick I use to get through work. When I first started working in town, I brought a book with me (specifically, The Other Mrs Smith) but they told me I could not have any reading materials at my desk. I notice that my coworkers bring toy balls they toss into the air when they’re not taking calls, or play with children’s gadgets. While tossing a ball might help one’s agility and coordination, I know I would lose interest in that very quickly (and of course, drop the ball).

So I had to put away the book. I was disheartened. I do not like to waste even a minute of my time these days. Life is precious. How could I get around this?

I had recently purchased Bruce Levine’s book called Resisting Illegitimate Authority. I found out how to print out Kindle books. Now Kindle books are DRM-protected, but I learned how to get around the DRM so I could print out the book onto printer paper. Now, I had pages of this document which I bring, piece by piece, to work. I slip the pages into my work notebook, a loose-leaf notebook full of instructions for us phone agents.

Now, I defy authority as I sit there reading Bruce’s  book. Not only do I love the book but I am living anti-authoritarianism. Yes it is worth a chuckle or two. I’m about halfway through now and have already reviewed it on Amazon. You can go check out my review if you would like.

I love writing more than I love reading, because sometimes reading seems too passive to me. But I would rather sit and read than sit and watch TV or otherwise waste time. I used to bring books to read or bring my knitting when I had to wait in a shrink’s waiting room because I didn’t want to waste my mind mindlessly sitting there. Or I brought my writing.

What do people do in waiting rooms? Sit there like zombies watching the tube (which advertises all kinds of “ask your doctor” type stuff) or read some magazine there, either consumer medical propaganda or children’s mags.  “How to manage your blood pressure.” Hmm…maybe exercise or stop the drugs that cause it?

Or they sit there and talk to their spouses. I hear so often, “Why don’t you listen to the doctor, dear?” and that makes me sad. Elders helping each other ambulate. Husbands who carry their wives’ pocketbooks because they no longer have the strength to carry them themselves. I find this terribly depressing.

Many play with their cellular telephones, playing games on the phones or checking Facebook. I generally don’t recall people blasting music into their ears in waiting rooms, ruining their hearing…..

I remember some of those larger waiting rooms with many people in them. I used to look around and noted I was the only one doing something constructive. Some people fell asleep, bored or tired from the drugs.

The last time I was in a waiting room of any sort was when I was waiting to see someone I was consulting about my tax return. That wasn’t depressing like a doctor waiting room. I wonder why.

Next on my reading list is Joanna Moncrieff’s The Bitterest Pills. I am hoping to find the specific mechanism that causes antipsychotic drugs to wreck a person’s ability to sleep. Which organ do they damage? If I could find this out I could work on healing it. Right now I am just grasping at straws and very tired of that approach. “Brain damage” is too vague for me. Is it in the endocrine system? I would like answers at this point and so I can devise a way to tackle this. I don’t see any answers on in the drug withdrawal forums and I do not think, in this instance, that simply tapering off the drugs will effectively bring back one’s ability to sleep. I think one needs to know what was damaged. If I knew I could work on healing it directly.

Another theory about disability payments

I think permanent disability is sometimes warranted, but obviously it is being awarded (awarded?) to too many people.

Some people may benefit from temporary disability that is time-limited. I think of it as that semester taken off to regroup, or the time a person spends out of work but plans to return. If the payments were temporary in more cases instead of auto-renewing, then  the government would not be paying out as much money.

Then, the payments would be larger each month since there would be fewer recipients.

A pregnant woman should be able to take time off or have reduced hours depending on the type of work she does. I cannot imagine sitting at a desk eight hours a day does any good for one’s pregnancy. Or trying to work at a workplace where chemicals are heavily used, such as doing cleaning work or hairdressing. This should be paid time off.

If a person chooses psych disability it should be time-limited. It already is, but it shouldn’t be so easy to renew it. Along with the renewal should be an independent review of whether the “treatments” are causing the disability.

For instance, the claim by someone with back pain, whether provable or not, should be reviewed to see if the painkillers and multitude of drugs given are causing the person to get worse.

Will this ever happen? Not likely. The aim is to marginalize anyone the elite class considers inferior, to stop us from having children through coercion, force, or drug damage, to ghettoize us, shorten our lives, imprison us, force us into exile, keep us out of the workforce, and silence us. And let’s not forget…outright kill us.

Go read the definition of genocide. Yes it fits.


Check it out! Dr. David Brendel on PsychSearch!

Here is the link:

David Brendel, Belmont Psychiatrist, suspended – sexual relationship with a former patient

Guess who contributed this one to Psych Search? Ha ha ha.

If I’m turning into one of psychiatry’s worst enemies, then I can add that to my accomplishment list on my resume.

Yes, send the article to Psych Search was legal. It was publicly available information. Of course, now it’s even more public.

What did my mom mean when she said….

What did my mom mean when she said that a little suffering was good for you? I had to think hard on this one. I remember I told a therapist and the therapist said my mom was a “typical Jewish mother.” But my mom was anything but typical.

I have to realize the background of that statement. She and my dad both had lived through both the Great Depression and World War II. The Nazi Holocaust was fresh in their memories. They had lived through the shock of finding out the truth of what was happening in Europe.

What did she mean? I think she meant that suffering is inevitable in life, and that some things are best off ignored instead of “coped with.”

After all, if it rains tomorrow, are you going to go to a therapist to learn how to deal with your emotions about rain?

You could. Maybe, though an umbrella might be a better idea.

Letter-writing service to doctors….

I wonder what would happen if I sent one of these….

What would I say inside? Thank you for turning me off to the medical profession, especially for the sadistic abuse, which has been a springboard to me to leave the mental health system for good.

Imagine what you could say.

BIG NEWS for those who went to Walden Behavioral “Care”

Check this out!

YEP! Dr. David Brendel’s license got suspended. I am going to flip this one to Psych Search. ha ha ha ha. Remember how Brendel kept sending people to the state hospital, almost like it was his obsession. I don’t know why I suddenly have this overwhelming feeling of…”Well, he got his…”

Just wait.

Busting the myths about Crisis Text Line

First of all, Crisis Text Line uses your data! They boast about their “crisis trends” data that they collect from texters! Crisis Text Line may pose as a help organization but their real aim is to sell the data! You can find out more on their own pages.

Also, Crisis  Text Line is not anonymous. If they decide you’re suicidal they WILL send the police.

It is not true that counselors don’t use rehearsed lines. I attended the training (before I quit in utter disgust!). They taught us to be bots. They told us which words to use, and at one point, the computer graded us on…of all things, empathy. They do tell you almost exactly what to say.

One thing you are supposed to do is to paraphrase the issue, that is, parrot it back but reword it. They even tell you what the ratio of questions to statements should be and how to write open-ended questions. Oh please.

I think if anyone were to volunteer you’d think they already know what empathy is. Maybe not, though. I hear that empathy is learned by children by the time they’re eight. Just about everyone has empathetic qualities. I don’t know a soul who doesn’t!

Crisis Text Line is so strict about their policies that there’s no flexibility whatsoever. I text for a living doing tech support via text and I can tell you we do have our regulations. Any texting service does. Our company collects data also, but that is needed to run the service and improve upon it, and also to keep a record of technical trouble that users are experiencing.  We do not sell user data. Doing so would be illegal. Crisis Text Line does.

I began to realize a bot would do very well texting with people. I cannot recall who it was who tested out a bot. I think it was Sera Davidow. She said the bot was really inadequate. Likely also CTL is.

You’re supposed to flip the cases you think are for “mandatory reporting” to your supervisor. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t send the cops to a kid’s house to terrorize them even worse than they already are. I know. I have had so many cop visits in the past that I can say with certainly it is humiliating and embarrassing. I would not do that to someone else.

There’s empathy for you.