Booted off Monica Cassani’s blog!

I’m so thrilled! Another stripe for my uniform! Monica Cassani booted me off her blog because I wrote and said I wasn’t going to waste what is left of my life looking for diseases. She deleted the comment.

That is  okay. Sometimes, an emotional response to something I say often means I have hit right on the mark.

When she responded she obviously didn’t even know I was a psych survivor myself. Guess she is so self-absorbed she hasn’t quite noticed the rest of us.

Hmm…she asked for feedback, didn’t she? I gave her feedback. Guess she only wanted disease-validating feedback.

Guess what the topic is for my upcoming speech? In part, it’s about looking for imperfections and the harm that happens when you do.

9 thoughts on “Booted off Monica Cassani’s blog!”

    1. She said she was going to stop. I think that lasted a few months. I subscribed to it. It is odd that she didn’t know who I was. She didn’t realize I am a survivor because I said I wasn’t sick. She informed me about the survivor community. Like I had no clue. If it’s about talking about how sick we are I want no part of it.

  1. Congratulations! She “unfriended” me on Facebook ages ago. I don’t remember why now and I don’t care. I used to read her blog every day when she was tapering off SSRI’s. Thanks to her I decided to go cold turkey off 80mg. of Paxil daily. I suffered for 3 weeks. Brain zaps, flu like symptoms…… 3 weeks and I was done! Thank G-d I did not taper in misery forever….uuuugh!
    My Mom used to say “people can only handle the truth in small doses.” I still don’t understand that. You definitely hit a nerve. GOOD JOB! #86

    1. Her blog likely brings in countless traffic. I am concerned because her basic message is, “If you leave psych, don’t worry, you’ll still count as disabled because you’ll be sick forever.” This is not helping the Movement as far as I am concerned. Why? What does this say to psych? Clearly, psych itself and the general public are going to see us as unfortunate, disabled creatures who should go back to psych if we feel that bad.

      This is not the message I wish to convey. I try to urge my readers to stop calling themselves sick and stop hunting for diseases. This is a terrible habit! Psych’s biggest crime is creating and sustaining disability. By leaving, we need to break free of that mentality. Claiming you’re sick forever from drugs, while a reality even for me (is near-end-stage renal disease something to make light of?), is not my message and is not my life. Of course I hit a chord, and I’m glad I did because people need to wake up! BTW, my comment likely ended up in a lot of inboxes before she booted me off. I might have even driven some traffic over here. We will see.

      1. I agree. People need to break free from all that learned helplessness. The terminology used is negative by nature. I learned the hard way. We all do unfortunately. All Psychiatry is harmful by nature. 175 years of abuse!

        1. I also believed, for quite a while, that the damage from psych was too great to overcome. Especially trauma from verbal abuse and water deprivation. I felt hopeless because for the longest time I wasn’t even believed. This, of course, extended the traumatic reaction. Finally I got a few to believe me. I got away from anyone who was deluded into thinking I was psychotic (one or two had even diagnosed me as BPD, got away from them, too!) It turned around very slowly but now I cannot believe how awesome my life is. It has been almost six years since the last horrible abuse.

          It is so important to get away from anyone locked into the idea that you’re sick, deranged, dangerous, or psychotic. That is how to break free of any negative behaviors we picked up in the System.

        2. If I really had a persecution complex, wouldn’t I be making claims of that currently? Workplaces are indeed oppressive, but I don’t see myself as any more oppressed than anyone else. A discussion I overheard last night told me that the other workers also notice the same discrepancies that I do.

        3. Once I knew the truth about so called Mental Illness and realized what the DSM was and how it came about I could never refer to myself by any label. I find just telling people that I am an Artist is enough. At that point anything I say or do just seems eccentric.

        4. I’m proud to be eccentric. Who else runs to work, anyway? One of my favorite moments at work was when I was on the phone, admitted my age to a customer, and when the customer said I didn’t sound 61, I said, “I’m immature.” People heard that in the office and I could hear the laughter. That made me feel awesome.

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