Listen carefully to this TED Talk….Dylan Klebold’s mother

Please listen carefully…if you can. I found it very hard to listen to this because she continuously assigned mental illness labels to ordinary experiences. I found it very tiring. Some of the experiences were not ordinary, of course, such as Dylan and Harris shooting up a school. It really does get disgusting how she has bought so heavily into the hype and even gave herself an MI label for having stage fright! Did you notice this?

Stage fright is about the most common fear that humans have. I’ve helped a lot of people overcome stage fright. Now that, too is a disease worthy of therapy and pills?

Notice carefully that she completely glosses over the destructive friendship that Dylan was involved in (notice she doesn’t even name Harris!), and barely mentions the “incidents at school” that had upset him. There very well may be legal concerns here with naming names. Still, if Dylan and Eric were involved in a destructive teen relationship, doesn’t this need a little bit more examining besides just dismissing it all as a “mental illness”? What happened at school that had upset Dylan so much? She mentions there were incidents, but stays mum on what they were.

When I recall the destructive teen relationship I was involved in decades ago, I know in my heart that it could have turned into something much more ugly than it did. I remember how she bossed me around, wouldn’t let me have other friends, was highly jealous and vindictive, and actually fit the narcissist label perfectly, although I refuse to use it on anyone. She was very destructive. In her wake, her sister developed anorexia, from which I believe she recovered. Anyone she associated with was affected, likely the boyfriends she dated (one right after the other, like an assembly line of them!) and a few others, likely her parents also. She had a negative effect on our family. One of my brothers started having behavior issues at school. He doesn’t seem to remember anything from childhood now, so I never say a word. My other brother, the one that talks to me, well, we never bring it up, either.

There isn’t much reason to talk about it or think about it anymore. I got over the relationship ages ago. It is one more life story I have filed away in a back cabinet of my mind. When I hear Sue Klebold get up in public and label all this as a mental illness, it’s time to go find that story and retell it.

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    1. Wow. Just wow. They wreck people’s lives by imprisoning them in the first place. So what do they think is the answer? Another ghetto?

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