Proud to be a DENIER!!!

Check this out:

Mental Illness Denial

So this is written by a guy claiming to be the epitome of “science-based medicine.” Of note is that he felt the article needed to be written. Think about that one. If it was really obvious that Hari’s article was full of holes, then why did Steven Novella even need to write this? If Hari was that much of a kook, wouldn’t we all know it and how on earth did a kook like Hari get published in a prestigious magazine, anyway?

Don’t even bother reading the comments. They are mostly off-topic.

Interestingly, Hari’s article drew much attention and many have agreed. Hmm…maybe he had some good points there. After all, Novella doesn’t want to lose his job.

I’m proud to be a denier! Interestingly, I see those who continue to believe in the chemical imbalance (or “broken brain”) myth as deniers of the obvious truth.

One thought on “Proud to be a DENIER!!!”

  1. Idiot! And if it’s all in the brain the term “mental illness” is still foolishness. Neurological diseases are physical after all. He sarcastically calls the idea that the people he harms have emotions as shocking, but his ilk deny human distress and treat “patients” with less respect than lab rats–so perhaps it would shock him if he acknowledged it. Grudgingly admits there are “deniers” outside the Church of Scientology. Good sign–proves labeling us all as cult members is no longer working.

    It’s not really “mental illness denial” that has “Doc” Novella’s panties in a wad. It’s denying Novella’s expertise and that the only “treatments” quacks like him offer are random acts of brain damage including addictive drugs. If “mental illness denial” and “pill shaming” spread too widely, Novella’s 6 digit income might be at risk. He could no longer get prime spots on TV as an “expert” demonizing his patients or the legal authority to set aside a judge’s verdict. That would indeed be a tragedy–for Novella. Boo hoo!

    Novella is a human rights denier. His contempt for humanity and arrogance would render him unfit to work as a cashier at Walmart.

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