I don’t understand why folks take this so life-and-death seriously….

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It is well-known that Ancestry dot com and other DNA sites are doing this so they can sell your data. Also I have heard that these using these for-profit companies yields inaccurate results.

My friend did it a while back and found out a tiny part of her was Ashkenazi Jewish. Well? Big deal! She’s the same person to me. Friends of mine have found out they were part Jewish and I don’t see that as a big deal unless you make a big deal of it.

Two of my friends discovered the truth about their adoption when they went to renew their driver’s licenses. One discovered that during the course of her adoption her name was changed. The other did not know she had been adopted until her license renewal and then, found out. For both, it was a life-changing experience. Many adoptions, now and in the past aren’t quite legal.

Two other friends of mine who knew they’d been adopted ended up feeling separated from their adopted families. Like they did not belong. Another person I knew never gave it a thought.

My friend Rachel Ann Klein was actually Rachel Schleimer. I am not sure of the spelling of her last name. She told me her mother had changed it to Klein for some bizarre reason. She had a weird relationship with her mother, who sounded very possessive and manipulative. Rachel died of cancer in May of 2014, only days after I left the country.

I found out the truth about Rachel’s death quite some time later. She had cancer but due to past malpractice she was denied medical care.

The one thing I always wondered was why Rachel stayed in the Boston area when she actually had the chance to start her life over. Her Section 8 apartment building was going through changes so she was forced to move. She could have used that Sec 8 certificate anywhere. Why didn’t she just take off? She could have gone someplace where no one knew her, where her reputation hadn’t been smashed to bits. But she chose to stay.

This is what I heard, and likely it is true. Bits and pieces. She gave herself an IV, which was likely an unwise decision. I do not know why, but I’d say the cause was medical negligence, refusal by the Boston docs to assist her in any way. After all, their aim was to keep her quiet or make sure no one believed her. She ended up giving herself a stroke. She died shortly after.

I doubt most folks knew the truth. Many believed she committed suicide, which was untrue. It was all kept secret. It was in the doctors’ best interest that the general public continue to believe she never had cancer, or that her cancer had been cured ages ago. And there the lie stays. I hope somehow she is posthumously vindicated and that people learn she was right all along.

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