Sweating over the small stuff

I can’t tell  you how much I dislike the expression, “I don’t sweat over the small stuff.” This is supposedly an advertisement of good character. How many times have I seen this in those “profiles” on Match dot com and other dating sites? Aren’t we sick of this already? Interestingly, most everyone who boasts that they don’t sweat over the small stuff is lying.

What is “small stuff” anyway?  I’m going to be very concerned if you flippantly tell me your mother just died.

My employers all nitpick. All of them. I’m wondering if this is the way the world works. They can’t find anything really important to nag me about, so they tell me I filled out a form wrong. Geez. Remember how they told me my ballet shoes weren’t allowed?

Yesterday my supervisor was wearing a boob crack. Maybe I notice these things and other people do not. Maybe that is because I would never wear something low-cut unless I was going to be totally alone. Maybe supervisors can do whatever the heck they want and the regular employees are going to get the boot if they do the exact same thing.

I look back and recall psychiatry was about the same way. They had their human flaws but if we had the exact same flaws they claimed it was a mental illness. We got drugged, diagnosed, and incarcerated and they got promotions and vacations.

And the class divide continues……


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