My comment on the Globe story

We have to realize that these abusers know the victims, who are psych patients, won’t be believed. Abuse by supposed “professionals” to those who have been psych diagnosed happens far more frequently than the general public could possibly know. Those I have known were terrified to come forward. Furthermore, it is extremely difficult to find an attorney to take on your case. The few attorneys who will even talk to abused patients ask, “But what is your diagnosis?” Then, it’s all over.

Back in 2013 or so I went to a therapist who seemed somewhat unconventional. Oddly, I never saw any other patients seeing him in the waiting room. During our third appointment he asked me out on a date. I declined. I left, feeling scared and also wondering if there was any hope left for humanity. Two days later I phoned him to ensure our subsequent appointments were canceled. His last words to me, over the phone, were, “I love you. Goodbye.” Then I was really glad I stopped this before it got worse.

I went to my psychiatrist and told her what happened. Maybe I shouldn’t have. She told me, “That is impossible. Then she said I was manic and needed more drugs. From what I have gathered my experience is rather typical.

Many thanks to the victims who have come forward and many thanks also to the attorneys and others who believed them. We need more of this.

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