Another theory about disability payments

I think permanent disability is sometimes warranted, but obviously it is being awarded (awarded?) to too many people.

Some people may benefit from temporary disability that is time-limited. I think of it as that semester taken off to regroup, or the time a person spends out of work but plans to return. If the payments were temporary in more cases instead of auto-renewing, then  the government would not be paying out as much money.

Then, the payments would be larger each month since there would be fewer recipients.

A pregnant woman should be able to take time off or have reduced hours depending on the type of work she does. I cannot imagine sitting at a desk eight hours a day does any good for one’s pregnancy. Or trying to work at a workplace where chemicals are heavily used, such as doing cleaning work or hairdressing. This should be paid time off.

If a person chooses psych disability it should be time-limited. It already is, but it shouldn’t be so easy to renew it. Along with the renewal should be an independent review of whether the “treatments” are causing the disability.

For instance, the claim by someone with back pain, whether provable or not, should be reviewed to see if the painkillers and multitude of drugs given are causing the person to get worse.

Will this ever happen? Not likely. The aim is to marginalize anyone the elite class considers inferior, to stop us from having children through coercion, force, or drug damage, to ghettoize us, shorten our lives, imprison us, force us into exile, keep us out of the workforce, and silence us. And let’s not forget…outright kill us.

Go read the definition of genocide. Yes it fits.


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