New theory about disability payments

I have a new theory about disability payments. I am starting to think that people who take out short-term disability are more likely to be honestly disabled than those who end up on disability for life.

Interestingly, those who are injured in the workplace (with whom I have conversed as a customer service representative) often refer to “long term disability” as being out of work for months. Not years. They state that being on disability has caused them great financial difficulty and they are thrilled to be back at work. I have also heard car accident victims speak of “long term disability” as months out of work, not years. They speak of how horrible it is to have such a long rehab and that it caused them inconvenience.

Statistically, most people on SSDI long-term (rather than Worker’s Compensation) are most often on it for “depression” or for “back pain.” Why? These are so, so easy to fake or exaggerate. Statistically, if you don’t want to work it’s pretty easy to go to a doctor and fake it. I have known people to do this. I have heard people say it was “easy” to get diagnosed and “off the hook.” This is what it has come to.

I know a couple of writers who got themselves on disability so they could write and still get paid. Yup. Same with artists. Interestingly, it’s always something vague like back pain or depression. Or fibro.

What folks do not realize is that being off work a long time makes it tremendously difficult to get hired…if you change your mind.

I know many who, like myself, were coerced onto disability with no solid evidence of any disability. I am not the only one who didn’t realize the truth until decades had passed.

I reported myself to the OIG recently, told them my disability was fraudulent and said that the doctors who filled out the forms inaccurately are to blame. It was gross negligence among other things. Negligence because they failed to recognize that I was functioning just fine.

Will someone come arrest me? I highly doubt it but I hope they do investigate. What I told them highly conflicts with what the records say. I guess those doctors didn’t quite notice I was in college, eh? Of course I did not report them until I was working a substantial amount of time.

While naturally I was complicit in the disability determination, agreed to it, and was compliant, I also was drugged and therapized, which caused all the problems to begin with. Which I said in my report.

2 thoughts on “New theory about disability payments”

  1. Julie, backing the early 1980’s, I ran into an older friend from my drinking and drugging days who was still at it, heavily. She’d been on SSI for several years, and received welfare checks for her role as guardian for her granddaughter, whose father (my friend’s son) was homeless and wandering the streets of LA totally messed up on on meth. The girl’s mother lived in a psychiatric halfway house, also in LA, and was apparently unable to care for the girl. Anyway, one day my friend received a letter from the government telling her that her Disability case had been incorrectly decided in her favor, and demanded that she immediately send them a check $20,000 to pay them back. I’m not sure if she ever did, but she lost custody of the girl a few years later and drank herself to death shortly after that.

    1. Wow. This is so complex. Of course, the gov’t could do that to me. 35 years of disability checks would add up to a lot. If they ask me for it back I’ll demand that my doctors who did the disability determination and profited off of me pay it back.

      Looks like in your friend’s case, the SSA totally fucked up. Were the disability payments doing her any favor in the first place except contributing to unemployment and more drug use? Then, after they had created dependency, they cut her off. They are sloppy with their paperwork and make many errors.

      My friend’s husband is disabled due to a car accident injury (I cannot get into specifics here). My friend works hard to support him and her kids. The gov’t gives them some kind of stipend and payments for both kids. I see it as legitimate because the disability is measurable and provable.

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