Was the Henry Pratt shooter, Gary Martin, on psych drugs?

This is what I can figure out from the news reports so far. Martin was laid off. He was not fired. However, some companies claim it’s a layoff but really these workers are as good as fired. Many manufacturing plants are trimming down their workforces due to outsourcing, increased manufacturing abroad, and people being replaced by machines.

Still, I have known people who were told they were “laid off” but really they were fired. If a company is going to trim down the workforce then are they going to lay off at random? I doubt it. They will coerce unwanted workers to retire, or bully them off the job, demote them till their disgusted, or just tell them there’s no more work. They will keep the ones they like. I have heard of companies that made these “layoff” decisions based on race, gender, etc. Why would they lay off a worker who had been there 20 years? Wouldn’t it be more to their advantage to lay off newer workers who didn’t have as much training and experience? Or do companies lay off the workers who get more per hour?

If I had worked at a place 20 years and then got supposedly “laid off” I would certainly feel disappointed, betrayed, let down, and disgusted. I wouldn’t go shooting people, of course. However, if this guy was on drugs then his judgement would be impaired, his impulsivity might increase, he might have akathesia (yes, you get this from antidepressants!) and that could be enough to tip him over the edge.

Wait and see.

2 thoughts on “Was the Henry Pratt shooter, Gary Martin, on psych drugs?”

  1. Whether or not he was on drugs (psych or street) rest assured the Mental Illness System is happy to use this tragedy for PR. Was he “diagnosed”? They’ll be sure to draw attention to this fact–but say nothing about the role his “meds” played. If not labeled they’ll “diagnose” him posthumously by saying, “We know he was schizophrenic/bipolar/whatever. How? Only a severely mentally ill man would be capable of killing a bunch of people.” They’ll follow it up with a soft sales pitch for voluntary marks: “Don’t be afraid to see a psychiatrist if depressed or angry.” The biggest pitch will be for involuntary marks though. “Be on the look out for anyone the least bit odd, unhappy, or lonely. They may be a mentally ill monster and must be damaged for THEIR own good!!!” Dum dum dum!

    1. These shootings produce a lot of fuel for psychiatry, but they also fuel antipsychiatry. It can fall either way, or both.

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