Aurora shooter WAS fired. And he had a long crim history.

I have been reading the articles. Yes he was fired. The new story that I just read totally conflicts with any previous stories.

The original stories said he was “laid off” two weeks previously. The new story says he was at work, and “called in,” that is, he had to meet with the boss or HR folks, but he knew they were going to fire him and had brought a gun into work for the occasion. He planned this.

Things were not going well for him. Maybe they did a background check that missed his prior convictions, and then, they found out and decided to let him go. Maybe they just decided they didn’t like him. Their whim.

It is very hard for people with criminal histories to find work, which means unemployment, poverty, hopelessness, and often, homelessness. This is not the best environment for anyone. That was where he was headed, folks. Maybe he figured he had nothing to lose.

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