Added chapters to Life After Lithium

I added a few chapters to Life After Lithium. One is on healing trauma through activism. This one I have completed.

I have two more. “But I can’t take care of myself without help. What can I do?”

This chapter will be focused on self-sufficiency.

And…….”Choosing a nontraditional practitioner”

This chapter will outline not only how to find one that isn’t a quack but how to deal with them once you’ve hired them. I talk about avoiding dependency, taking what they say with a grain of salt and retaining your own autonomous decision-making. I also talk about what to avoid when choosing and continuing with them. I will speak from experience about the practitioners that I have decided not to see due to their policies, for instance, one wanted me to sign a paper saying they can contact my doctor (I do not have one!) and some even require you to be seeing a doctor concurrently. Of course I recommend avoiding those that validate psych diagnoses. Most do not, and most who know what they are doing will not recommend therapy or psychiatry to their patients.

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