Very important NYC mental health lawsuit!

Check this out:

We need to continue to do this! The more these trials get publicized, the more people will turn against the status quo mental health system and demand change. Or, they’ll be so turned off by it that they will learn to avoid it, meaning less of the public’s money pouring into a bogus practice. Can we turn the corner? Can we make mental health care history? Can we make it into something only appearing in history museums as the most outrageous human rights tragedy in history?

Does the number of lives destroyed by the mental health system outnumber the 11 million killed in the Nazi Holocaust? I hear even more were killed by Pol Pot’s regime and also larger numbers killed by Mao in China. The atrocity of psych labeling has affected millions of people, wrecked many lives and killed many of us. I believe statistics will show that the MH regime has destroyed in the worst way of all time. All this has yet to reach the general public, but it will.

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