Moderated off MIA again

I wrote the following, which is the absolute truth about what happened. MIA doesn’t want others to know, so they moderated the following comment off of their site:

“MIA limited how many articles I publish with them. I do not see the same rule they claim exists applied to others. When I objected to the obvious double standard, the MIA editors encouraged me to write in the comments. What an insult! The comments are hidden and often, not even read. I don’t even want to bother. I got disgusted and come here a lot less often. I chose to move MIA down lower on the totem pole of what is important to me in my life. I am very happy I did that.”

Steve McCrea seemed to think it was unproductive. His words were “there is nothing to be gained…” Wow, nothing to be gained by MIA, of course. I know of a number of groups that are organizing outside of MIA. Many of the participants are folks who got disgusted just like me. I told Steve outright that as soon as I am moderated off MIA I publish the censored comments here in my blog.

MIA editors have no appreciation for the fact that I have been blogging for longer than MIA has been around. They have no clue how often I blog or what I am up to here. They have no appreciation for the work I have put into my own writing or my degrees or the years I spent earning them. Why? Because I am not a mental health professional. Plain and simple.

Actually, artists on a whole are underappreciated in our society. People see the arts as child’s play or a hobby. Fun time! Actually, writing and all the arts are a lot of work! Whether or not you have formal training you have likely worked very hard at honing down the skills and esthetics, and developing your artist’s voice.

MIA is not the only fish in the pond. I told Steve that MIA was losing out not only by refusing to publish my work but to successfully turn off many others who are so disgusted they won’t even submit to them.

There are other groups out there, many of which have been going on quietly even before MIA existed. Keep it up, folks! If they are going to continue to endorse MH professionals due to their bogus degrees, of course they will lose readership, lose valuable members, and ultimately end up a pro-psychiatry site.



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