What about mindfulness…OOPS!

In my last post I wrote that I had “chopped the dog and removed the bones.” I have not edited this out because I think it’s so funny. No, that’s not quite right! I wonder if anyone noticed…..

I left out the word “food.” “Chopped the dog food and removed the bones.”

Many apologies to my adversaries who can hardly wait to accuse me of violence, recklessness, or “mentally ill and off meds.” Not quite!

The truth is that I write so fast and think a number of words ahead of myself that sometimes this results in omitted words.

Ability to write spontaneously is a gift I highly treasure. I don’t think most people can do this as well as I can, as it is. My ability has only increased now that I am away from the MH system. Most people, patients or not, cannot write spontaneously. I know this from observing my coworkers and seeing the obligatory notes they leave…or don’t leave since they can’t really read and write.

Half the country is illiterate. This is a sad statistic indeed. This even includes college students and people with really good jobs. This includes nurses who can’t seem to write proper chart notes, some doctors who are likewise disabled, and social workers. Many of my coworkers panic if they have to write an email…or they write one very badly (I have seen this) or they paste stuff due to their own inability to construct proper sentences.

I suppose I am indeed fortunate. I am super healthy and also literate. I also have a hidden talent for sounding very professional over the phone.  To my adversaries, what a surprise indeed because I they claimed I was disabled…..oops.

2 thoughts on “What about mindfulness…OOPS!”

  1. One more try and I guess the problem is solved…thanks for your patience. Don’t post any of these if you don’t want to.

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