Please take the survey on antipsychotics!

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This is a very involved and comprehensive survey done by Will Hall. I filled it out explaining that massive doses of antipsychotic drugs cause insomnia and coming off will also cause insomnia, the most horrific and long-lasting insomnia you’ve ever experienced.

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        1. I used to use cough syrup. To get any effect at all I had to take a double dose. I had to get the kind without Tylenol in it because a double-dose will overdose you on Tylenol. Finally I realized it was the alcohol that was knocking me out but the effect only lasted an hour and then I was up again. Also, I was concerned about the amount of sugar in cough syrup which will also keep you awake. I switched to pill form, and only the doxylamine stuff. This way, I avoid the alcohol, sugar, and Tylenol. You can buy these online and in some drugstores. I found that you end up needed more and more. Once I got to four pills a night it just quit on me. I stopped it for a couple of weeks and restarted and a much lower dose. But I assume the same thing will happen all over again. It poops out on you. I am also concerned about the effect on the body if you take it long-term. Antihistimines are very closely related to antipsychotics.

          Very low doses of antipsychotic is basically an antihistimine and therefore, the most sedating. Mid-range doses cause akathesia and possibly TD, and are not as sedating, but taking them will cause your body to totally forget how to sleep naturally. High doses do nothing, they do not help at all, actually do not even sedate. Overall, antipsychotics totally wreck your ability to sleep. I am wondering if this is going to be permanent for me.

  1. HI Julie,

    Yes, I have trouble sleeping too, esp staying asleep. I am trying Valerian, which worked well months ago, supplementing it or alternating with high does melatonin, which seems to put me to sleep but not keep me asleep.


    1. Me too. Tried 600mcg (about half mg) of Melotonin. Did not help, ultimately stopped taking it and no difference in my sleep. I also use doxylamine. This is an ingredient in NyQuil. It does sedate and does help sleep, but poops out and I have to stop it and then wait a while before restarting. Antistimines also dry you out just like psych meds, can cause constipation, dry skin, etc. I am noticing dry skin on my face but that might be windburn. I run all the way to work no matter what the weather is, and run partway home.

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