And they said it couldn’t be done, addendum

I just looked over my latest blood lab work report. My phosphorus is also back in range. After I saw last time that it was too high I took measures to lower my phosphorus level. I used natural medicine. I did not see a doctor for something I could figure out myself!

I read a lot about this. I read real medical studies and also read writings of naturopaths I follow. I designed my own solution based on all I had read.

It’s true that your doctor doesn’t want you to know that there are real, natural, non-invasive solutions to many common medical problems. Not only that, these are simple things you can do at home, with easy-to-obtain materials. Many are in your local grocery store! All are legal to obtain and use.

If only others knew this. This is why I have written my book, Life After Lithium. I can only hope that what I have written helps other people! In my book I also include a lot of general information about escaping your diagnosis, recovering from the brainwashing of psychiatry, and getting your life back.

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