And they say it can’t be done!

I have only a few minutes to write this…..

I had a blood test last December which showed my creatinine level at 2.99. This is very high indeed. Had I gone to a doctor I would have been subject to heavy-duty coercion to “prepare for dialysis.” They would have insisted on operating on me, a dangerous operation to say the least, to put a “fistula” into my body. I did not want this, and I do not want dialysis. I am not going to agree to it!

However, I didn’t get these blood tests because a doctor ordered them. I got these tests totally on my own, confidentially. No doctor read them. I did!

I had another blood test Tuesday, Feb 5, which showed a 21-point decrease in creatinine level. They say this can’t be done, but….well, that’s Western Med for you. Doom and gloom! They profit by convincing you you’ll die if you do not become a customer! Actually, the opposite is true, never mind the payments that so conveniently slide into your doctor’s pocket…..

So? If I was that unhealthy, wouldn’t I be huffing and puffing? Wouldn’t I be diabetic, overweight, unable to walk never mind run (I ran 5k Monday and I walk 3 miles round trip to work every day). Would I really be able to carry over half my weight in groceries in a knapsack home from the bus stop? Would I really be able to work over 50 hours a week?

Health is in the eye of the beholder. Funny I think they’d love to declare me unhealthy, just to make a buck, but the obvious truth sits there like a huge boulder on someone’s desk.

Not only work 50 hours a week, but I am nearly finished with my book. That, too.

Why? Because I ditched psychiatry, stopped seeing doctors, stopped taking their (or anyone’s) advice seriously, and started making my own decisions.

I would wish the same good fortune for anyone.

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