Another theory about disability payments

I think permanent disability is sometimes warranted, but obviously it is being awarded (awarded?) to too many people.

Some people may benefit from temporary disability that is time-limited. I think of it as that semester taken off to regroup, or the time a person spends out of work but plans to return. If the payments were temporary in more cases instead of auto-renewing, then  the government would not be paying out as much money.

Then, the payments would be larger each month since there would be fewer recipients.

A pregnant woman should be able to take time off or have reduced hours depending on the type of work she does. I cannot imagine sitting at a desk eight hours a day does any good for one’s pregnancy. Or trying to work at a workplace where chemicals are heavily used, such as doing cleaning work or hairdressing. This should be paid time off.

If a person chooses psych disability it should be time-limited. It already is, but it shouldn’t be so easy to renew it. Along with the renewal should be an independent review of whether the “treatments” are causing the disability.

For instance, the claim by someone with back pain, whether provable or not, should be reviewed to see if the painkillers and multitude of drugs given are causing the person to get worse.

Will this ever happen? Not likely. The aim is to marginalize anyone the elite class considers inferior, to stop us from having children through coercion, force, or drug damage, to ghettoize us, shorten our lives, imprison us, force us into exile, keep us out of the workforce, and silence us. And let’s not forget…outright kill us.

Go read the definition of genocide. Yes it fits.


Check it out! Dr. David Brendel on PsychSearch!

Here is the link:

David Brendel, Belmont Psychiatrist, suspended – sexual relationship with a former patient

Guess who contributed this one to Psych Search? Ha ha ha.

If I’m turning into one of psychiatry’s worst enemies, then I can add that to my accomplishment list on my resume.

Yes, send the article to Psych Search was legal. It was publicly available information. Of course, now it’s even more public.

What did my mom mean when she said….

What did my mom mean when she said that a little suffering was good for you? I had to think hard on this one. I remember I told a therapist and the therapist said my mom was a “typical Jewish mother.” But my mom was anything but typical.

I have to realize the background of that statement. She and my dad both had lived through both the Great Depression and World War II. The Nazi Holocaust was fresh in their memories. They had lived through the shock of finding out the truth of what was happening in Europe.

What did she mean? I think she meant that suffering is inevitable in life, and that some things are best off ignored instead of “coped with.”

After all, if it rains tomorrow, are you going to go to a therapist to learn how to deal with your emotions about rain?

You could. Maybe, though an umbrella might be a better idea.

Letter-writing service to doctors….

I wonder what would happen if I sent one of these….

What would I say inside? Thank you for turning me off to the medical profession, especially for the sadistic abuse, which has been a springboard to me to leave the mental health system for good.

Imagine what you could say.

BIG NEWS for those who went to Walden Behavioral “Care”

Check this out!

YEP! Dr. David Brendel’s license got suspended. I am going to flip this one to Psych Search. ha ha ha ha. Remember how Brendel kept sending people to the state hospital, almost like it was his obsession. I don’t know why I suddenly have this overwhelming feeling of…”Well, he got his…”

Just wait.

Busting the myths about Crisis Text Line

First of all, Crisis Text Line uses your data! They boast about their “crisis trends” data that they collect from texters! Crisis Text Line may pose as a help organization but their real aim is to sell the data! You can find out more on their own pages.

Also, Crisis  Text Line is not anonymous. If they decide you’re suicidal they WILL send the police.

It is not true that counselors don’t use rehearsed lines. I attended the training (before I quit in utter disgust!). They taught us to be bots. They told us which words to use, and at one point, the computer graded us on…of all things, empathy. They do tell you almost exactly what to say.

One thing you are supposed to do is to paraphrase the issue, that is, parrot it back but reword it. They even tell you what the ratio of questions to statements should be and how to write open-ended questions. Oh please.

I think if anyone were to volunteer you’d think they already know what empathy is. Maybe not, though. I hear that empathy is learned by children by the time they’re eight. Just about everyone has empathetic qualities. I don’t know a soul who doesn’t!

Crisis Text Line is so strict about their policies that there’s no flexibility whatsoever. I text for a living doing tech support via text and I can tell you we do have our regulations. Any texting service does. Our company collects data also, but that is needed to run the service and improve upon it, and also to keep a record of technical trouble that users are experiencing.  We do not sell user data. Doing so would be illegal. Crisis Text Line does.

I began to realize a bot would do very well texting with people. I cannot recall who it was who tested out a bot. I think it was Sera Davidow. She said the bot was really inadequate. Likely also CTL is.

You’re supposed to flip the cases you think are for “mandatory reporting” to your supervisor. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t send the cops to a kid’s house to terrorize them even worse than they already are. I know. I have had so many cop visits in the past that I can say with certainly it is humiliating and embarrassing. I would not do that to someone else.

There’s empathy for you.

Delicious baked apple recipe

I have been making this for a while.

Cut up and apple and discard the core. Cut it into bite-size pieces. Put them in a cast iron pan. Sprinkle with walnut pieces. Now drizzle with sesame oil and if you wish, sparingly drizzle on maple syrup, honey, or agave. Broil in the oven or toaster oven for 15 minutes or so. Enjoy.

New theory about disability payments

I have a new theory about disability payments. I am starting to think that people who take out short-term disability are more likely to be honestly disabled than those who end up on disability for life.

Interestingly, those who are injured in the workplace (with whom I have conversed as a customer service representative) often refer to “long term disability” as being out of work for months. Not years. They state that being on disability has caused them great financial difficulty and they are thrilled to be back at work. I have also heard car accident victims speak of “long term disability” as months out of work, not years. They speak of how horrible it is to have such a long rehab and that it caused them inconvenience.

Statistically, most people on SSDI long-term (rather than Worker’s Compensation) are most often on it for “depression” or for “back pain.” Why? These are so, so easy to fake or exaggerate. Statistically, if you don’t want to work it’s pretty easy to go to a doctor and fake it. I have known people to do this. I have heard people say it was “easy” to get diagnosed and “off the hook.” This is what it has come to.

I know a couple of writers who got themselves on disability so they could write and still get paid. Yup. Same with artists. Interestingly, it’s always something vague like back pain or depression. Or fibro.

What folks do not realize is that being off work a long time makes it tremendously difficult to get hired…if you change your mind.

I know many who, like myself, were coerced onto disability with no solid evidence of any disability. I am not the only one who didn’t realize the truth until decades had passed.

I reported myself to the OIG recently, told them my disability was fraudulent and said that the doctors who filled out the forms inaccurately are to blame. It was gross negligence among other things. Negligence because they failed to recognize that I was functioning just fine.

Will someone come arrest me? I highly doubt it but I hope they do investigate. What I told them highly conflicts with what the records say. I guess those doctors didn’t quite notice I was in college, eh? Of course I did not report them until I was working a substantial amount of time.

While naturally I was complicit in the disability determination, agreed to it, and was compliant, I also was drugged and therapized, which caused all the problems to begin with. Which I said in my report.

Butyric acid. Results.

I am trying Butyric acid as a probiotic. I chose this after lengthy research since not all probiotics are alike. It is not really a probiotic in the classic sense but it does help restore normal intestinal flora.

I have found that unlike other probiotics I have tried, this one doesn’t give me a stomach ache. I also found that I can eat Brussels sprouts and other veggies in the cabbage family now. I had to stop them due to difficulty digesting them. I stopped for at least a year. I’m so thrilled to be able to consume these again!

I’m also noticing lowering of my appetite, which has taken some getting used to. I have not lost weight because I have been careful not to. However, I can see that this particular probiotic might be an answer for some of you who suffer from binge eating and benefit from appetite suppressants such as coffee or speed. Butyric acid is far safer!!! I consume very little coffee as it is, and have never been given amphetamines such as Ritalin. I did take caffeine pills for several years because of daytime exhaustion (from insomnia). I had no choice and looking back they didn’t worsen insomnia, but actually improved it, since the caffeine stopped mini-sleeps and stopped me from collapsing or lying in bed due to extreme sleep deprivation. People do not even consider this aspect of amphetamines such as coffee. Many of us patients used coffee to combat sleepiness from antipsychotic drugs, if you recall correctly.

I am working with a nonmedical sleep coach. I am very skeptical that this guy can even make a dent in the damage caused by drugs. I won’t go to a medical sleep doctor for obvious reasons. Typically they misdiagnose everyone with sleep apnea. The medical device industry profits and you end up stuck on a machine you likely do not need. The machine is addictive and many end up stuck on it for life. A friend of mine was coerced onto it and much later discovered that pharmaceuticals were causing the sleep apnea. He wised up and stopped the insanity of overmedicalization. Of course the doc would likely tell me my sleep issue is psychological and “recommend” a shrink. Isn’t that defeating the purpose?

Psych drugs wreck your adrenals. This can harm your ability to sleep. Interestingly, the entire time I was in the mental hell system I was refused an adrenal test. I was told it was “impossible.” I have since learned that there may have been underlying motives in this refusal. People I know who have had their adrenals tested after psych drugs find out the hard way that maybe they shouldn’t have taken those pills.

I don’t know the exact mechanism for antipsychotics wrecking your sleep, but I hear they modify your genetic makeup. I should have looked into this decades ago when I noticed I had no response to benzos and opiates such as painkillers. When I had my cataract surgery I overheard them say they had to give me a much larger dose of opiates than expected considering my size. I’m not surprised at this anymore. This is a clear indication of severe internal damage done by antipsychotics.

Be forewarned!