Disabled? Since when?

I am now working three jobs, successfully so far, hours totaling over 52 per week. I am in good standing with all three positions and I still have free time to do what I want. I like doing three different things because it helps break the monotony. At this point it is very obvious to me that the “disability” label was totally bogus. While on one hand I am thrilled to be working and finally out of that world, I am also a little ticked off that 35 years of my life were stolen from me.

I question why my former providers kept me on disability. It was so obvious that I was not disabled…yet these supposed professionals refused to admit it. I suppose I will never know why. I would love to confront any of them right now and ask if they ever questioned my status.

I’m told that the old life fades away, that you just don’t think about it anymore. This, I am finding, is true. You really do stop thinking about it. You spend less time reminiscing and more time focusing on the present and future. You stop identifying as a mental patient. It is not even relevant anymore.

Ah, good riddance!

Dave Ausprey is a kook. But so am I!

Hey read this article and tell me what you think:


Crazy, eh? I am not one to talk. I’m going to beat kidney disease without dialysis. Wanna make a bet?

Ausprey is known as a body hack, one of the most famous ones. It has occurred to me that anorexia is also a body hack, isn’t it? Think about that one! So is psychiatry, or so some may claim. Psych tries to “fix” stuff that in general doesn’t need fixing, though.

I know an awful lot of people who insist on fixing this and that. Okay, I have fallen prey to make-up, that paint that women put on their faces. I put it on because I have to look professional. However, it’s a hack, isn’t it? It’s making yourself look a certain way which is supposedly appealing. Or make you look youthful. Whatever that is.

I don’t exactly want to live to be 180. 100 would be nice but I’m not really counting anymore. I wonder if I would get a whole lot shorter in 180 years. I really don’t want to be THAT short.

It does feel good. Nyah nyah.

Credit score, loans, mortgage, etc

I can’t believe I am learning so much about finance. The mental health system doesn’t teach you these things AT ALL! Holding onto a frozen orange or those condescending breathing exercises and hours of therapy and a cupful of pills will do nothing to help you get your credit score up or get approved for a loan. Nada.

I am teaching myself about mortgages, how to get one, how to negotiate in this confusing maze of lenders, real estate people, and brokers. I got turned down before I even applied about six months ago and figured there was no way. However, it seems that persistence has paid off.

First of all, getting your credit score up requires strategy. Which strategy you pick depends on your individual circumstances. How good are you at making your payments on time? Are your rent and utility payments timely? Your landlord may, or may not be reporting to the credit agencies. That I know of, subsidized housing landlords do not report, but I could be wrong about this.

To get credit you need to borrow and then, pay back responsibly. You can start small and then, borrow more as you show them how responsible you are. Don’t screw up!

I DID screw up many years ago. This is still sitting there, a black mark on my record. However, since then I’ve paid all my bills 100%. Even when I couldn’t pay all my credit card balance, I paid regularly at least the minimum.

Since I am capable of keeping track of multiple accounts and not screwing up (now that I’m not drugged, medicated, or a revolving door syndrome) I chose to get more little credit cards and keep paying them so that my available credit is very high now. Then I finally applied for a personal loan. This turned out to be a wise decision as it jump-started my credit. All my cards have been paid in full since then, every month. I have paid off most of the personal loan and am surprising myself (and the lender) by paying off a two-year loan in six months.

Trying to get a mortgage pre-approval was a dead end for a while. No, no, no. I knew I would be a good potential borrower, but it was hard to convince them. Every time I got turned down I got more advice by those that said no. Some gave me valuable hints…And this was FREE ADVICE.

Just think, you can go to a therapist and for tons of money end up with bad advice, such as coerced dependency and being told you have a fake illness. But I got helpful advice entirely free!

Yes, they call me a lot. That’s fine because my phone is in airplane mode most of the time!

When I got my pre-approval letter for a lot more than I assumed I would I put that letter in a safe place and feel quite proud of myself.

Now those real estate people have changed their tune. Suddenly I’m not worthless in their eyes. We shall see what happens next.

Local taxes?

I just got something about “local taxes” from some company called Berkheimer. I have never heard of them and I don’t know why I should trust them. At first, I was sure it was a scam. Now I am less sure. Apparently if I live here, no matter what, I have to pay the city. So why did no one tell me this, if it’s true?

Now my water is so bad I can’t drink it and yet, I have to pay a huge water bill that is higher than my heating bill! Now they’re asking for taxes.

Has anyone ever heard of this? I’ve never heard of a non-homeowner having to pay local taxes. Never, never in my sixty PLUS years of life. I thought the homeowner has to pay them, and my rent contributes to the taxes he or she pays.

A quick look at my locality’s website tells me I owe under $10, that this is a general tax they charge all residents. I’ve never heard of this and I’m wondering if it was really that vital, why on earth did my landlord not tell me? This is highly unusual to have to pay something like this.

Among other annoyances, my home is being sold and they keep “inspecting” the place. This is such a privacy violation…I just hate it. They are not even done yet. Hate it so badly…if they give me much more trouble, I will threaten to move out.

My lease is good till September. I could, conceivably, move out at that time. I’d have to hire movers, though, since I don’t know anyone who could help me out. Problem is, the next place could suck badly. What if I ended up with noisy neighbors, or ones that disturbed my peace and quiet? When you are a tenant you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.

Part of me wants to hang onto this place here. Part of me wants to own my own place. I should be able to afford to do so. But what can I afford? I don’t want to buy a place where the neighbors are so close you can hear every word they say. Or ones that party right next to me. Ick. Or noisy teenagers. Teens are really the worst because they blast boom-boxes all over the neighborhood. Some of them scream, too. I used to hear the screaming teens on the buses in Boston. It was so shrill I felt like my ears would snap off. If they screamed like that here they would be kicked off the bus.

What about a trailer, or a pre-fab? I would buy the land and then, put the home on it. Some of those pre-fabs are really nice, and they’re cheaper than the usual homes you see. I’ve contacted a few pre-fab companies. Oddly, they never call me back. It’s odd, also, that the real estate people I have called mostly don’t bother calling me back, either.

why don’t doctors use common sense? Common sense cure for iron deficiency

Use Cast Iron Cookware as an Iron Deficiency Treatment

We knew about this back in the 1970s!  You can use any cast-iron pan! I have a cast-iron baking pan, a little one. I enjoy cooking a baked apple in it for breakfast and I am not anemic.

Common sense!