Great article on Lorena Bobbitt

Some of you may be too young to remember the Bobbitt case. I do remember. It was around the time I had shock treatments, I guess prior to the shock. I remember telling myself that I knew she had been raped by her husband and asked myself why marital rape wasn’t even being considered. I remember arguing with my friends over this, defending Lorena, maybe because I was sexual assault victim myself.

I also recall the OJ trial, which also occurred before my shock treatments. I felt that there must have been domestic violence incidents leading up to the murders. Suddenly it seemed like the evidence got tampered with early on or was mishandled. I was shocked when one of my best friends took the opposite side, saying he was “framed.” This got turned into a race issue. I think it should have been more of a football issue because back then no one considered that OJ might have had a head injury.

They don’t really know what is going on in your brain until you get autopsied. More recently, Aaron Hernandez, another football player, killed someone, ended up in jail and there he committed suicide. They opened him up after he died and found a massive head injury.

At least Lorena did not end up a chronic mental patient! She is very lucky she got out when she did and was able to pick up the pieces.

We all fall victim to temporary insanity. How many out there have made decisions you now regret? Did you ever buy a product that turned out to be a ripoff? Have you ever had your wallet or phone stolen because you were absent-minded or maybe left it somewhere that wasn’t so safe? Have you ever made a wrong career move or chosen a college major that did not suit you?

Falling for false advertising is a form of temporary insanity. When you are totally convinced that a product is worth your while because some advertiser pulled the wool over your eyes, that wool is the insanity.

Psychiatry used false advertising when it advocated its “help” on us. How long was that wool over your eyes? How long were you deluded into believing something totally illogical, that defied any common sense? How long did you believe you had a disease without being presented with solid evidence? How long did you believe the pills were working when all they did was make you sick? How long were you deluded into thinking that getting locked up was actually good for you? How long did you truly believe that a large amount of voltage shot into your brain was curative?

Now, we see the other side of the story, don’t we?

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