Beware the PDMP!

I have learned a few inside facts about the PDMP. What is the PDMP? This is a new national prescription database. Now, any doctor who meets certain qualifications (almost all) can look up anyone in this database. The database will supply them with your prescription history! Oh no!

However, I have some more details for you. First of all, they can only search back seven years. If you have not taken any scheduled drugs for seven years you are in the clear. Only some psych drugs are scheduled, mainly the benzos, speed, and sleeping pills.

This is all the more reason to stay off that stuff if you have a psych history, or at least if you are going to get it, get it illegally! This is why. Every time a doc prescribes a controlled substance you are listed in this database as having taken it. So you’ve been on a heavy dose of Klonopin? Someone can actually find out, even across state lines.

You aren’t automatically searched in this database. I can’t imagine they search every person who walks into a doc office. They only have this as an option and so far, it’s not mandatory to do this search. Also, only certain states allow access. About half of them, I think. I became aware of this since Pennsylvania was recently added. The whole goal of this is to stop opiate abuse, not to identify psych patients, but I sure can see various alternate reasons for looking up patients. It is like a snoop book for doctors.

Another thing is that only scheduled drugs (II and worse) are in this database. I do not believe antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and antipsychotics are listed. It is possible (though I am only guessing here) that Clozapine is scheduled, for obvious reasons.

If you are off psych drugs seven years you have nothing to worry about here. I don’t think they have the resources to check back decades ago, and I don’t think they’ll think it’s worth the money.

My last psych drug prescription was 2013. Now, over five years have passed. Dr. Pearson wrote scripts for me for sleeping pills but they never worked so I tossed them out. This includes Ambien and some other pill like Klonopin. Neither of these had any effect on me.  I was so desperate for sleep I even tried combining these drugs with booze. Nothing really worked to put me to sleep. If I had been wiser I would have sold the stuff for money. Instead, you got drugs in your water supply!

Since these are only single prescriptions, not one after the other, I doubt this list can be used to identify me as a former psych patient. So what if I had a script or two ages ago? At least I never developed benzo addiction because I hear that is really horrible.

I have been using antihistimines to get to sleep lately. Are the addictive? Likely slightly. Any of these drugs and some herbs cause dependency. However, these are legally over-the-counter. Not only that, very cheap. Goodbye, doctor’s office. Hello, dollar store!

Use herbs, vitamins and minerals, and of course, FOOD and exercise to help yourself and save yourself from doctor tyranny! You will be glad you avoided the appointments, bills, side-effects, and early death.

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