“Free range” meat is a scam

I can’t believe how many people fall for “free range” beef and other meat. Can they not see the forest through the trees? Can they not see the most basic reality: This animal was killed for the sake of being sold to suckers for their culinary enjoyment.

Free-range or not, the animal is as dead as anyone else who is dead. It’s a corpse that you’re eating. I don’t want to hear any more rants about what great lives they had before they were brutally slaughtered.

Yes, I do occasionally eat meat and Puzzle eats mostly meat. However, I don’t fall for gimmicks like “free range.” I do care whether eggs are organic or not, but actually, a lot of “free range” eggs aren’t organic. And it wasn’t the eggs that were free range, it was the chickens.

Also, once you have them on your plate and they’re facing doom via consumption, they’re not free range anymore.

I do avoid big name brands such as Tyson and any of the others that mass-produce. I do feed that stuff to Puzzle, though.

The reason why I got on this topic is because I purchase “organic” ground beef at the supermarket and found it wasn’t that good quality. Then, I went to a tiny store nearby where they sell meat from a very small local farming establishment. It is certainly more expensive than Walmart but they only sell small packages of this meat, not the “family size” I buy for Puzzle. I found the little corner store has better meat than any local supermarket.

A lot of meat is injected with broth and chemicals I would love to avoid. Here’s a rule of thumb: With most meat the sodium count should be 60 or under. If it’s floating around 100 or 120, you are guaranteed added broth and god-knows-what other chemicals. I will not feed sodium-laden chicken to Puzzle.

The FDA (or whatever they are) allows broth to be injected into organic chicken. Beware! Not all organic chicken is alike! Almost all that Walmart sells is filled with broth, especially that major organic brand they sell.

Here’s another rule of thumb: If the chicken shrivels up to an extreme amount when you cook it, it had broth in it! That’s why it was so cheap! Congratulations! You have been successfully ripped off.

Of course, you can avoid all this by not eating meat. Let’s not ignore the obvious.

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