Follow this one! Torchiana to step down…looks like it’s more than “retirement”

Check this out:

We are not getting the whole story here. So Torchiana wanted to expand his empire into Rhode Island and also snatch up Harvard Pilgrim….

Their tendrils were getting so far-reaching that patient privacy gets invaded. Imagine going to a partner hospital to get a second opinion. Good luck, because they will only peek into the other doctor’s records, base their opinion on that, and you’ll get nowhere.

Many times I have warned people about this. There’s no point in going to the Brigham to get a second opinion when your first opinion was at MGH. Folks at Brigham can easily read anything MGH docs write. Pointless. How far are people going to have to travel to get outside of Partners’ grasp?

MGH and its cronies have a lot of power. Let’s face it. Do we really want our lives run by a giant hospital?

Note also that in the process of  expanding, Torchiana also wanted to cut costs. What does this mean? Think about it. Which programs are they most likely to cut? Likely the ones that are less profitable. Where do they lose out most? I’d guess anything provided to folks on Medicaid  or uninsured. Lower pay for the lowest-earning employees. Job cuts. More milking of the elderly (it is profitable and if you kill them/us you can more easily invent an excuse). Increase of shock treatments and other bogus procedures because they’re a huge money-maker.  Cutting of the best workers because they spend too much time with patients (unprofitable).

What next?

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