We’ve been having very cold weather for a few days and it’s not due to let up until next weekend. I was going to go to the gym this morning but I chose not to because I dread standing at the bus stop any longer than a minute. Wednesday it will be even colder as a high of only 6 degrees F is predicted. Wednesday night it is due to drop to minus 4.

I’ve been warm enough indoors but sometimes I wear a winter jacket and hat while I work so I don’t have to turn the heat up too high. Yesterday I had been working for hours and realized I had not once taken my jacket off.

I am always warm enough at night because Puzzle sleeps with me. Dog body temperature is much warmer than a human’s. She jumps onto the bed right into my arms every night and that’s how we sleep, snuggled under the sleeping bag. Sometime in the middle of the night she moves to the end of the bed and sleeps on top of my feet. I think this is because she gets too warm under the covers. I feel comforted having her there.

Funny thing is that Puzzle is the same color as the security blanket I had when I was a child. Was it ever true white or did it come off-white? I will likely never know. After a while I couldn’t wash that blanket because it kept falling apart if I tried. I saved it for decades and then, when I didn’t know what to do with it, threw it out.

I suspect that I can go out if I need to, and in fact I have to later today to get to work. So long as I keep moving outdoors I should be fine. I’m going to be quite bundled up. Stay warm, everyone!


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