Progress on Life After Lithium

I am very pleased to say that Life After Lithium is almost finished, that is, the first draft of the book. I believe I have roughly 3,000 to 5,000 words remaining. The total word count is just where I want it to be. Since I first announced what the chapter titles were I have changed around a few chapters, moving them and re-titling. I added a number of new chapters.

I hadn’t realized I was this close to completion. Next week I will have longer blocks of free time to work on the book. I don’t believe I will finish next week because of pressing tasks I need to complete, including paying bills and calculating my taxes.

I hope my book pisses off a lot of people, especially those who are totally convinced that no patient can ever leave the System.  I hope to piss off anyone who believes in the validity of psych diagnoses. At the same time I hope to encourage anyone who wants to leave or is doubting the System. I hope the book paves the way for more survivors by showing an example of someone who succeeded.

Welcome back!

2 thoughts on “Progress on Life After Lithium”

  1. Julie, you’re the psychopharmaceutical mafia’s worst nightmare! Can’t wait to see it! You’ll be selling it as an e-book, won’t you?

    1. Yes! Primarily as an ebook and I hope to sell it for a dollar a copy to be available to as many people as possibe! I have also had requests for the hard copy which will cost more. Not much more, I hope!

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