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Here is a comment of mine that was moderated off MIA.

“Hello! I agree with many of the comments here. MIA has a wide visibility and a huge number of site visitors. This is great because more and more people are able to see the truth and possibly reconsider their participation in the Mental Health System. For those who are discouraged or traumatized by their MH experience, MIA provides hope, because folks who have been abused or otherwise harmed will know that they are not alone. MIA also provides a voice for a few survivors to be able to tell their stories, but really not enough of that.

Most people I know personally want to see more survivor stories published in MIA. They want to see survivors as the main voice here, instead of seeing repeat articles by MH professionals.

It makes no sense, now that we have been harmed by MH professionals, that they should be upheld in ANY way as experts. I don’t think MH professionals should be the main voice here, but sadly, they are. This has caused me to lessen my time spent on MIA.

I think the podcast courses should be taught by survivors. Many of us have teaching and presenting experience and there’s no reason why survivors should be excluded from the faculty. There are topics that could be covered that ONLY a survivor would be qualified to teach. Sadly, this is overlooked.

Furthermore, SOME survivors were told that they are limited to four “personal stories” only, while others seem to have free reign here and are publishing far more (dozens). This favoritism is very obvious to all of us. I first pointed it out over a year ago (and I was practically called paranoid as MIA editors flatly denied it!) and since then many people have contacted me telling me they agree, and are discouraged because of this favoritism. I don’t think MIA can deny it any longer. It feels like banging on a brick wall, just pointless to keep arguing. For this reason I have turned my attention away from MIA and really do not spend much time on here.


At first, the entire comment was taken down. Now Steve has written to me and said he would post the comment except for the last paragraph. Oddly, he has agreed with me privately! He doesn’t know why some MIA authors are limited to four articles and others get published dozens of times over. He had never heard of the “four article only” spiel, either. Apparently only a few of us were told that! I have the emails where Emmeline specifically told me four only, several times.

The comment is my own intellectual property and I have the right to post it anywhere I choose.

I wrote back to Steve and told him that the fact that they moderated my comment off is silencing. Voices of dissent are not allowed. Steve even told me there were OTHER dissenting comments that got moderated off.   I told Steve I was not going to be participating in MIA anymore. I told him I am going to try not to be tempted back this time.

I am not the only one who has left, disgusted, and moved on to other things.

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  1. Emmeline’s on a power trip. She arbitrarily censors comments on very flimsy grounds. At least that’s been my experience with her. Don’t see much hope for change there so long as she wields the black Magic Marker. That said, Hell seems to have frozen over with Yahoo News carrying MIA’s recent article about survivor groups helping people get off of drugs. I never thought I’d see that, and for that reason I think MIA still serves a valuable purpose.

    1. Yeah I hear you. I think more and more groups are emerging at this point. MIA is no longer the central hub it once was. This is good news all over. We’re going mainstream. We aren’t the extremist freaks we used to be. We’re everyday people who question the psych regime, to one degree or another.

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