So they said I couldn’t do it, eh?

I can hardly believe that years ago, my therapist ordered me not to run. She also told me I couldn’t walk, either. Only take a cab, she said. Talk about insanity! What a control freak she was.

I think of Maria every time I go running. I remember what a manipulator she was. She had this little way of making you feel guilty every time you “disobeyed” her. She acted like the Savior on High.

Last time I went running I was rather proud of my 5k time. 36:02. Those darned two seconds…Oh well. Today I beat that record. 35:27. I keep asking myself, should I go further, or faster? I’m not sure. 5k seems like such a short distance now. Just a hop, skip, and jump.

I have to laugh at all those who claimed I couldn’t do it. Claimed I wouldn’t survive without drugs and therapy. Good riddance to the old life, I say! Running on the treadmill feels fabulous these days. I keep thinking that stuff while I beat the heck out of the treadmill, realizing it’s all over now. All done. Gone, and out of my life. I don’t ever, ever, ever have to go back now.  It feels so, so good!

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