Butler Area School District on Lockdown…watch for the news, folks!

Butler Area School District (Western Pennyslvania) is on lockdown. Apparently a kid presented a significant threat to the schools. He’s been taken into custody. Hey, where is Dr Breggin when we need him? Betcha anything this kid has flipped on on psych drugs. Watch the news!

…History of “mental health issues,” has been incarcerated in mental hospital…”Oh we recently put him on Prozac to help him but I guess it wasn’t enough…..”

Just listen and someone will say something like that. It’ll likely be the only bit of news we hear about his drug history. Off-handed. Never outright reported, god forbid harm the pharmaceutical companies!

The story will come out. Just watch. I don’t know what on earth we can do except point out, as we do every time, that maybe the drugs are the problem. Yes, I know, we get silenced, we get discredited since people do not like to hear the message, but we gotta keep at it. The more voices the better, because of course, there’s safety in numbers, as they say.

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